Publishing and Kindle Unlimited: Conclusions from Hugh Howey’s Latest Author Earnings Report

Jay Dee:

Very interesting. Seems Kindle Unlimited actually is increasing author income. Thanks to Hugh Howey for a lot of investigation into this. I strongly urge you to read this if you’re thinking about KU.

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From the blog of Nicholas C. Rossis, author of science fiction, the Pearseus epic fantasy series and children's books

This has been a busy week. I was reading a post by Chris McMullen on Kindle Unlimited and the effect it has on rank. The next day, I came across Hugh Howey’s latest Author Earnings Report (October 2014), and a couple of interesting posts by Publishing Perspectives and Savvy Writers. As always, the publishing industry is in a state of flux, making self publishing a bit like trying to score a goal on an uneven field. Filled with shifting sand. And moving goal posts. Oh, did I mention we’re using a Rubic’s cube for a ball?

So, what have I learned from all that?

First, Some Numbers

The total number of books in print hit 28 million worldwide in 2013 , as calculated by all the titles that acquired ISBNs. In the United States, some 390,000 ISBNs were taken by the self-published authors, while approximately 300,000 were solicited…

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Authors Answer Contributor Pages

The new feature, now officially called Authors Answer, has its own page.  Not only that, there’s a contributors page, too.

You won’t find all of the profiles up yet, as I’m waiting for three of them.  But please go and check them out.  They’ll be answering a question every week about writing and books, and the answers will be posted every Friday.

Now, I still need the bios for the following people:

  • Jean Davis
  • Elizabeth Rhodes
  • Linda G. Hill

Please let me know through the form on the About page.  Then I can get you the questions for November.

Also, there’s still room for one more contributor.  If you’re interested, please leave a comment.  First person to offer will become a contributor.

I’m looking forward to all of the answers!

Things that Will Happen Today…Maybe

I had big plans for this morning.  Edit Part 3 of Journey to Ariadne and post it.  Yeah, that’s not likely to happen.

So, what’s the problem?  My daughter is hanging all over me.  She refuses to play on her own, which she was doing the moment before I sat down to edit.  She seems to have a kind of write-dar (writing radar?).  She’ll play happily on her own, but whenever I go to my computer to do any kind of writing, she comes over to me and begs me to play with her.  I don’t know how she does it.

So, here are some things I plan to do today, but may be completely disrupted by my daughter:

  • Edit Journey to Ariadne part 3 and post it.
  • Write contributor pages for those who have sent their bios to me.
  • Send out November questions to those who have given me their email addresses.
  • Write a review of The Somali Doctrine.

I’ll interrupt this list with something new.  My daughter just tied up a measuring tape into knots, and is now throwing a tantrum because I put it away.

And now she’s called me over because a tear dripped on the floor.

Okay, she’s over her tantrum now, and I can continue writing this.


She came over to me and is now crying.

I think I’ll end this post.  Comments are welcome.  I’d love to read them.  It would lighten the mood.

So Far from Canada, Yet Feel So Close

With everything that happened in the last few hours in Ottawa, I have never felt so close to Canada while being half a world away.  It’s strange.  I’ve been in Japan for nearly ten years, and for much of it, I felt a disconnect from my home country.  I’ve been living in Japan, I see what happens in Japan, and I feel a stronger connection to events in Japan.  However, this attack on Cpl. Nathan Cirillo by Michael Zehaf-Bibeau has brought my thoughts firmly back to Canada.

This has me angry.  The response I’ve seen from various people also makes me angry, as I feel a lot of it is misguided and potentially dangerous.  Some sources are connecting the shooter to ISIS and Canada’s announced involvement in the fight against them.  Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper has even linked this incident to terrorism.  Zehaf-Bibeau has a criminal record related to robbery and drugs, and has had his passport revoked because he is a travel risk.  However, the terrorism link is not confirmed, and people should not start pointing fingers until we know what the motives were.

What I’m angry about seeing is that many people are condemning Muslims in general. I know some Muslims, and they’re all wonderful people who would never think of doing anything like this.  In fact, they would condemn this act.  So before people start attacking innocent Muslims over this incident, remember that most of them are as dumbfounded and upset about it as you are.  They are not the enemy.  Reactionary attitudes like this are extremely harmful.  That is all I’m going to say about this.

And to those of you trying to politicise this whole incident and make it a Conservative versus Liberal thing, shut up.  A man died.  All sides of the government are in agreement in this situation.

One thing I love about Canada is the tolerance people have for other cultures.  Please don’t let this incident turn into an excuse to exercise intolerance.

What the Hell Is Going on in Canada?

I never expected to hear about a terrorist attack in Canada, and now gunshots fired at Parliament Hill.

CBC is reporting it live here.

It is currently CNN’s top story.

It is also BBC’s top story.

And let’s see, it’s the top story on CBS, ABC, Reuters, Fox, The Guardian, The New York Times, NHK World, and even down in Australia.

I’m not going to write about what happened, you can read whichever news source you prefer.

All I have to say are these three letters:  WTF?

Fantastic Response

Just two days ago, I posted about an idea I had for a weekly feature with questions answered by authors.  Well, I’ve had 8 people respond with an interest.  I didn’t expect that much of a response.  So, thank you for your interest!

With that said, I do have room for 2 more people.  I’d like to limit it to 10 people so that I won’t get overwhelmed by so many answers every week.

What’s going to happen is that I will start this weekly feature in November.  I’d like to get the email addresses of each of you, so please send me a message through the form on my About page.  I have some of your email addresses, though.

If you’re curious about who has offered to join, here’s the list:

  1. Tracey Lynn Tobin
  2. Jean Davis
  3. Elizabeth Rhodes
  4. H. Anthe Davis
  5. C. K. Rich
  6. D. T. Nova
  7. Linda G. Hill
  8. Amy M-J (blog not active yet?)

For these 8 people, I have some instructions for you.  Please send me an email through my About page form, and give me this information:

  1. Your name as you’d like it displayed on the blog with your answers, as well as your contributor page.
  2. Any links to your blogs, websites, and social media that you’d like shown on your contributor page.
  3. A short bio for your contributor page.

In the future, we can work on a more complete bio page for you, but we’ll do up some placeholders for now.

After I have all of your email addresses, I’ll send you out the questions.  I think it would be easiest to send out a month’s worth of questions.  Depending on the month, it’ll be 4 or 5 questions.  It’ll be much easier to get the answers organised if we do them all at once, and we won’t be missing anyone for any of the posts.

As a bonus, I’ll see if I can get a guest question answerer occasionally.  If anyone knows a fairly well-known or established author who is open to interview questions, please let me know.  That would be fantastic.

The comments section below would be happy to see some discussion about this.  Anyone have any ideas or suggestions?  Or you could just leave a comment.  Thanks!

An Attack of Creativity

I don’t know how it happens, but I get these creative inspirations at the oddest times.

It started out while I was taking a shower.  It seems like many of my writing ideas happen while I’m in the shower.  However, the more I thought about it, the stronger my idea became.  I washed dishes and my idea was almost fully fleshed out.

So, what’s my idea?  I have another writing project plan, but this is a series of short stories.  It’s about a man who’s dying and his final wish is to visit the planets of the solar system.  He gets his wish in exchange for something.  I won’t say, because I don’t want to give anything away.  It’s planned to be nine parts and easy to read.  It’ll be part adventure and part sci-fi.

And that’s my shower of knowledge story. [Edit: Hahahaha! What was I thinking when I wrote this last line? I was half asleep at the time.]

Exploring new worlds, real and fictional.


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