A Morning at the Embassy

On Friday the 19th, I went to the Canadian Embassy with my daughter.  The Embassy is in Akasaka in Tokyo, which is an area that has many embassies, shopping areas, and is just plain rich-looking.  The Canadian Embassy is across the street from the Crown Prince’s residence.  You can’t see the house from the Embassy, just trees.  It’s surrounded by a wall with cameras and police officers patrolling the perimeter.

I posted these pictures last night, hoping you could guess what they were.

The front of the Canadian Embassy.
The front of the Canadian Embassy.
The west side of the Embassy.
The west side of the Embassy.
The southwest corner of the Embassy.
The southwest corner of the Embassy.

It’s a pretty modern building and quite massive for an embassy.  There are other buildings on the embassy lands, including one that looks like it’s a hall for events.  In the main building, the first floor is a library, but to get inside, you have to take an escalator up to the fourth floor first.  That’s the entrance.  I was able to get in another way, since I had my daughter, and she was in her stroller.

Once inside, I made sure all my paperwork was done and ready.  I had two tasks.  First was the renewal of my passport.  That went well, and they said to expect my passport to arrive in two to three weeks.  The next part was my appointment with someone who could notarise my ID so I can apply for a replacement birth certificate.  Once that was done, I later mailed it out.  The cost?  18,100 yen for the passport, 4,800 yen for the notarial service.

Next task is when my birth certificate arrives.  I have to apply for my daughter’s citizenship certificate, and also request that it be done urgently due to the fact that we need it in three months.  Hope it all goes well.

A couple other things.  The station we had to use, Aoyama-1-chome, is very confusing.  It’s difficult to find the correct exit, and difficult to find out where there are any elevators. There are three different subway lines that go through there.  And the nearby office building with restaurants in the basement floor has inadequate bathrooms for changing a child’s diaper.  I did find one in the station, though.

I Love Weather

As a Canadian, I love to talk about weather.  I guess it’s because it’s so changeable in Canada.  Here in Japan, it tends to be more stable.  Summer days are hot, sunny, and humid.  Winter days are sunny and cool.  But spring and fall can bring rain with some instability.  September tends to be quite stormy with typhoons coming through (one coming next week).  Last Saturday, we had quite the storm. Take a look.  Keep watching, especially to the second half of the video.  I was very surprised about what happened.

I love a good thunderstorm.  It’s one of my favourite kinds of weather.  What kind of weather do you like?

What Will You Write? Deadline Extended

I’m extending the deadline for What Will You Write? #7 by a week.  So, the new due date will be September 26th at 3 pm GMT.  Why? Only one submission.

What I’d like you to do is get the word out.  If you know anyone who likes to write and do flash fiction, let them know about this challenge.  If anyone has any ideas about how we can get the word out about this challenge better, let me know in the comments.

What Will You Write? Only a Day to Go

What Will You Write? #7 is only a day away from ending, and we need some more submissions.  Are you looking for something to write?  Do you want to write, but don’t have an idea?  Then this challenge is for you.  There are just over 24 hours to go.

If there are no more submissions, I may have to extend the deadline.  There’s only been 1 submission.  This one looks challenging, but I know you can do it.  So go on over to the post and check out the rules.

I Actually Like More Than One Lannister

Shocking, isn’t it? Everyone loves Tyrion. I like him, too. I find him one of the most fascinating characters in the A Song of Ice and Fire series.

As I’ve been reading A Storm of Swords, my opinion has been changing on one of the Lannisters. Could it be Tommen? Actually, I know very little about him. How about Cersei? No way. She’s still a cold bitch. Still don’t like Tywin. Joffrey? Never. How about Ser Kevan Lannister? I’m pretty neutral about him. Who does that leave?

That’s right, I’ve grown to like Jaime Lannister. Shocked? Well, I’ll leave you with that thought.

There’s a Reason I Don’t Read Spoilers

I saw an article on Yahoo the other day about Game of Thrones, and I noticed it said there were spoilers. I did not read it. Whenever I see anything about Game of Thrones, I do my best to ignore it. I haven’t watched any of it.

You see, I’m currently reading A Storm of Swords, the third book in A Song of Ice and Fire, and the last several chapters I’ve read have shown me why I should never read spoilers. Huge twists in the plot. Incredibly major things happened that I did not see coming. In my mind, I’m thinking, “Holy crap! What the hell just happened?” I don’t want that feeling to stop, so I’m going to continue avoiding spoilers.

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