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This past weekend, I posted a call for questions for our authors.  I haven’t received any questions.  So, I’m asking again, but with one difference.

First, check out the post.  You can write your question in the comments there or here.  It doesn’t matter which.  Also, check out the list of past questions so you don’t ask the same thing again. The questions should be about books, writing, reading, or anything literary.

Now, for the extra task.  Share this post through Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, StumbleUpon, Reddit, email, reblog, or however you’d like.  Let’s get some interesting questions for our authors.

Thanks in advance!

The Value of a Teacher

Jay Dee:

In my opinion, teachers should be paid more. They work longer hours than most people. They’re responsible for the education of children who will grow up to contribute to society. They need to be prepared. Teachers aren’t appreciated enough. They used to be valued by everyone. Now, they’re underappreciated.

When my daughter goes to school, I will thank the teachers and give them respect. They deserve it.

Originally posted on All In A Dad's Work:

Our school year has 10 extra day built into it to accommodate for snow days. Teachers are paid by salary so they make the same amount whether those snow days are used or not. As of this writing, we have used 8 of those 10 allotted days and school boards are scrambling trying to decide if those missed days need to be made up. If they decide yes, then they need to figure out how.

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Today, this blog had its 5,000th comment.  That’s a big number.  And it was quite the comment.

So, in celebration, I’d like to draw your attention to the person who made that comment.  It is none other than…

S. R. Carrillo!

Yes, the same person who is always at the top of Commentition.  And the comment?  This is what she said:


Yes, that’s what the comment is.  To understand the context, here’s the post she commented on.

And her prize?  To have this song stuck in her head.

As for Commentition, while the top three are certain, the fourth through sixth place spots are up for grabs.  There are four commenters fighting for those last three spots! It’s going to be a battle.  Three have been in the top six recently, but the new one has never been in the top six.  You’ll find out who it is next week.

I Am One, but Have Been Many

I may be one person, but through fiction, I have lived many lives.

I have been many people.  I have been born, grown up, struggled, triumphed, and died.  I don’t know how many times I have died, I’ve lost count. I’ve been a child, I’ve been a teenager, I’ve been an adult, I’ve been elderly.  I’ve gone through life’s stages many times.  I’ve been many men, I’ve been many women.  I’ve been human, elf, dwarf, alien, and wolf.  I’ve been a warrior.  I’ve been a scientist.  I’ve been an adventurer.  I’ve been a wizard, a witch, an assassin, a thief.  I’ve been a hero.  I’ve gone through tragedy.  I’ve lost loved ones, and I’ve lost myself.

I’ve been to many places on Earth.  I’ve been to the Moon, Mars, Europa, Ganymede, and Iapetus.  I’ve been to other stars.  I’ve been to other worlds uncharted.  I’ve been to the future, the past, and the present.  I’ve ridden a dragon, piloted a starship, and flown a broom.  I’ve cast spells, fired guns, and drawn a sword.  I’ve been handsome, beautiful, ugly, and ordinary.  I’ve been stabbed, shot, and poisoned.  I’ve gone through anguish, ecstasy, and blind rage.

I’ve seen life through different eyes.  I’ve become different people.  That’s what reading fiction does.  It gives you experiences you can never have in reality.  It expands your horizons, gives you new ideas, and opens your mind to other ways of thought.  It enriches you and makes you a better person.  I couldn’t live without reading.  It’s a wonderful way to inspire.  I wish everyone could experience that.

Pick up a book and read.  Your mind will thank you.

This was inspired by this wonderful post by RamblingAnt.  Go on over there and tell him what you think.  Share with us what reading means to you.  The comments below are open for your thoughts.

At a Loss for Words

Ever feel like you can’t think of the words to describe your feelings or thoughts? I’m having that moment now.

There’s a scene in Deadhouse Gates that moved me so much, all I could think of is “Wow.” Two large and strong characters, one powerful beyond belief, shared a moment where they both showed how deep their friendship is. They would die to save the other. I found my favourite characters of the book.

Creating a Distant Future

Stephen Hawking recently said that the greatest danger to humans is ourselves.  We could destroy ourselves in the next two hundred years.  He’s also warned us against the use of artificial intelligence, as it could also become our greatest enemy.

It’s so difficult to predict the future.  He may be right, or the future could be something entirely different.  But one thing is certain, many scientists have good reason to believe that we’re in danger.  And many say we must go to space, to Mars, and then to the stars.

Cat’s Eye Nebula. The future of our sun?

The future possibilities are endless.  We are now seeing melting ice caps, deforestation, desertification, extreme weather events, and the beginning of a likely mass extinction. Scientists are certain about this.  But there are many deniers who claim it won’t happen, mostly because they don’t understand the science or they think God will make it all better.  Or maybe they’re hoping this is a sign of the second coming of Jesus, so they’re trying to hasten these terrible symptoms of humanity’s greed.

On the other hand, we have made incredible advances in technology and medicine.  Computers are now small enough to fit in the palm of your hand, and are readily available.  Cars may soon drive themselves. We have a GPS system that tells us where we are anywhere in the world, and we can use it to get somewhere without getting lost.  Vaccinations have eradicated or nearly eradicated many harmful diseases, and we may be able to extend our lives.

But that is all near future.  What about the distant future?  What will our technology be like? Will we still be bound to Earth?  The solar system?  Or will we be among the stars?  How long will we live? What will the environment be like? How many major cities will be long forgotten and underwater?  How many animal species will have survived?  Will technology and biology be joined?  What will happen to today’s religions? How will they evolve?  Will there be new religions?  How about language?  Will English prevail as the dominant language, or will Mandarin Chinese take over sometime in the future?  Or will language evolve so much that it’s unrecognisable?

Where will humanity be?

I ask myself this often.  As I write science fiction, I wonder what the future possibilities are.  The farther we go in the future, the less certain we are about where our future will lead us.  I want to show a distant future in my writing, an exotic life featuring incredible technology, yet a closer relationship with nature.  A culture that has overcome many difficulties and setbacks to create a new niche in their world.  It’s incredible fun to imagine.

Where could our future take us? What will it be like in one thousand years?  Ten thousand years?  Think about that and share your ideas in the comments below.

LLAP – Live Long and Prosper


After reading all the tributes to Leonard Nimoy, I have come to see how beloved he was.  He inspired countless people.  He wasn’t just Spock, but a humanitarian, an advocate for women’s rights, and an all around incredible person.

His last Tweet was quite moving.

A life is like a garden. Perfect moments can be had, but not preserved, except in memory. LLAP

Leonard Nimoy (@TheRealNimoy)

He ended his Tweets with LLAP, Live Long and Prosper.  I hope his memory in all of us lives long and prospers.

I remember watching Star Trek in the 1980s, and becoming a big fan after Star Trek: The Next Generation began.  I watched all the old episodes of the original series, and Spock was always my favourite.  He was logical, intelligent, and a scientist.  I loved science, and he was an inspiration to me.  I will never forget the scene of Spock’s death in Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan.  It was the most moving and saddest moment in all of Trek.

I understand that there was a memorial on Vulcan in Star Trek Online.  I’ve played the game briefly, but never found the time to continue.  Wish I could’ve been there.  It must have been quite the event.

Many people will miss Leonard Nimoy.  I will.  I wish I’d met him.  I’d had the privilege of meeting James Doohan when I was in high school at a Star Trek convention.  I wish I could meet all the actors.

Everyone who’s reading this, I hope you LLAP.

Live Long and Prosper.


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