Which Movie Should I Watch on Netflix?

I’ve already asked you about which TV series I should watch first on Netflix (Sherlock and The Walking Dead won that one). Now I want to ask you which movie I should watch first. It’s difficult to choose! So, take a moment and vote in this poll.

Without using spoilers, tell me why I should watch what you voted for in the comments below.

Help! Patreon Rewards

I have a request. A favour. I’d like to have the best possible rewards for my Patreon page, and I keep tweaking the rewards. But I don’t know exactly what people want. I want to give back to my patrons as a thanks for the help.

So, please go over to my Patreon page and take a look at the rewards. For the lowest pledges, it has to be something simple that won’t involve individual people. That would become too time-consuming. For higher pledges, I can do that. I can personalise things, making them more special. So, if you could suggest some ideas, that would be wonderful. Please let me know in the comments below.

A New Reading Order

With half of my books still on a boat somewhere on the Pacific and a good number of my books sold, I have to redo my reading order. But since I have new books, why not start with those? For these, I’m going to go by feeling (not necessarily in order of how good I think it’ll be) while alternating between fantasy and science fiction. So, here’s my new reading order:

  1. Redemption Ark, by Alastair Reynolds (in progress)
  2. The Hundred Thousand Kingdoms, by N. K. Jemisin
  3. The Martian, by Andy Weir
  4. Theft of Swords, by Michael J. Sullivan
  5. Consider Phlebas, by Iain M. Banks
  6. Mistborn: The Final Empire, by Brandon Sanderson
  7. The Player of Games, by Iain M. Banks
  8. The Name of the Wind, by Patrick Rothfuss
  9. Use of Weapons, by Iain M. Banks
  10. The Way of Kings, by Brandon Sanderson

Okay, so the last book in this list is one of the highest rated fantasy books on Goodreads. Maybe I just want to save the best for last? After that book, I’m not sure what I’ll read. I’ll have to see what I have when the rest of my books arrive, and go from there. I have to rebuild my library!

What do you think of the order I chose?

Talking to Every Country

CIA_WorldFactBook-Political_world.pdfHave you ever wanted to visit every country in the world? That’s a very difficult thing to do, considering travel restrictions to some countries, but also the amount of money it would take to do so. It’s unlikely I would ever be able to do it.

One person tried reading the world, and succeeded. I have a bit of a challenge for myself to read a book from every country, as well. That’s not an easy thing to do, though.

But what about talking to someone from each country? I would have to wonder how to go about doing that. How do you contact people from every country? For many, it would be easy to just email someone. But for some, access to the internet is limited, and mail may be more feasible. But you know what? There’s a young boy in England named Toby who’s doing just that. For the past three years, since he was five years old, he’s been sending letters to people in as many countries as possible, and it seems he gets replies from nearly half of them. That’s pretty good!

It has me thinking. I’ve tried in the past getting comments from people from as many countries as I could, but it’s not easy getting the word out. So, knowing what kind of person and my interest in countries and geography, I don’t give up easily. I’d like to find blogs of people who live in as many countries as possible and compile a list. Searching will find many, but I’d like to focus on those that talk about books and writing or life and travel in those countries. And I won’t just stick to countries. For some countries, I’ll even include states, provinces, and territories.

So, if you’re reading this, I’d like your help in getting this started. Please leave a comment below with your blog’s address and where you’re from. If possible, please include your state, province, territory, prefecture, or another division within your country. And another favour to ask of you: Please share this post on social media or with your friends. I wonder how far we can go. And maybe you’ll find some interesting blogs, as well.

A Tour of My Office

Today, I made a video about my office. It’s nothing to look at yet, but there’s potential. Watch the video and find out about my plans.

This video would have actually been a Patreon only video, but as I have no patrons, there’s no point in keeping it secret. But this is a preview of the kinds of videos I’ll be doing for my patrons.

If you have any suggestions for how I can arrange things, let me know in the comments below.

Improving My Social Media Presence

One of the most important parts of being a self-published author is marketing. And one of the best ways to market is by using social media. But you have to have a pretty good reach and a lot of luck getting people to share your book. At the moment, I’m not published, but I am often marketing my blog posts and videos. I need to improve how I use social media.


Today, I’m starting with Twitter. The potential of Twitter is great. Although I have only 3,310 followers, if someone with twice as many followers retweets one of my tweets, my audience grows drastically. It’s a dream for someone who’s marketing their own content for it to go viral. But how do you do that? Well, you need to either have an influencer retweet your tweets or become an influencer on Twitter. These people have a lot of followers who love to share their Tweets. I found a couple resources which seem to be pretty useful. First, there’s a website that provides a list of websites that help you find influencers. The second one is a website that gives you forty steps to become an influencer. I’m going to be trying these out.

What I’ve begun doing is interacting more with my followers. Talking to them, retweeting them, and liking their tweets. If they’re a new follower, I retweet one of their recent tweets. I plan on starting up some lists, as well. And I want to find some influencers who regularly interact with their followers.


This is my second focus at the moment. I’m going to be setting up my channel to be more orderly, so there are several sections on my main page that make it more organised and easier to find certain content. I’ll be making videos more regularly, too. I’ll be sharing my videos on social media, and I’ll be commenting on others’ videos.


I’m still working out how to increase the popularity of my Facebook page, but I plan on interacting more and providing more interesting content that you don’t find on the blog.

Those are the top three social media sites I use. There are others, of course, and I regularly use them, but I don’t focus as much attention on them as these three. You can only spend so much time using social media, so you have to choose the ones you have the best results from.

Do you have any tips for using social media? What works for you? Let me know in the comments below.

How Frequently Should You Blog?

I’ve been having an internal debate today after reading several blog posts about blogging frequency. What’s interesting is that there isn’t a very strong consensus. However, there are very strong arguments for both sides: less is better, or more is better.

Blogging Less

I think this is the bigger camp. There are good reasons for it. Blogging once or twice a week means high quality blog posts that people will want to read. It also allows the blogger to spend more time doing other things. In my case, it would allow me to spend more time writing my book. The blogger can also spend more time promoting the posts they have done, as well as visit other blogs and comment on them. Also, people will see the blogger as having better quality posts, rather than always making short daily posts that may not have as much quality.

Blogging Daily

There’s another group who advocates blogging daily. And there are good reasons here, too. First, it gives the blogger discipline. They do it, and they become good at maintaining a schedule. It also helps a person improve their writing. If they’re only blogging once a week, they may take more time to actually get into the mood. If you’ve maintained a daily blogging schedule for a long time, you’re always ready to post. You also find your voice. However, you can burn out, get bored, or find that you’re only blogging because you feel that you need to make that blog post.

What do I do?

I blog daily. Twice a day, in fact. I don’t feel tired of doing it. I enjoy it. I always have ideas, and I have plenty of things to say. I wouldn’t say it takes away from my book writing time, because I don’t write blog posts when I’m in the zone. I write them when people are around. I can shut them out for blogging, but not for writing books. Writing twice a day started as a challenge to see if I could do it. But you know what? I enjoy it! It makes me want to write.

But you see, I can’t go down to once a week. That would mean I’d probably only be doing Authors Answer. That’s not the focus of this blog. If I were to reduce my blogging, I’d go down to five times a week. Authors Answer would always be there. I’d also work on one or two other series, including Worldbuilding. And the rest of the time, I’d be blogging about various topics, mostly related to books, book reviews, science, and education. I guess the topics wouldn’t change much at all. I wonder what would happen.

In April, I was blogging mostly once a day. Traffic dropped dramatically, and I had far less interaction on my blog. I love the comments and conversations that go on. This month, I returned to twice a day, and the traffic is better than ever, and the comments are back up to normal. Interesting results.

In the future, things will probably change. As I get more into writing my book, as well as working, I may drop down to five posts a week. I expect a drop in views, but I plan on spending more time going to other blogs. But it’s a difficult decision to make. I enjoy blogging daily. But we’ll see what happens.

What do you think? Which camp are you in? Let me know in the comments below.

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