Writing a story with oneword.com

I was introduced to oneword.com by a Twitter acquaintance yesterday, and I was immediately intrigued.  It’s basically a writing tool that gives you a word a day, and you have to write something using that word within 60 seconds.  It’s a very short time to write, but I think it’ll help me with a bit of inspiration.  It’s already inspired me to try to write a story using the website.  Every day, I’ll spend 60 seconds writing.  When the 60 seconds is finished, I’ll wait until the next day to carry on from where I left, but I have to use the new word of the day in my next segment.  If all goes as planned, I may have a cohesive story that’s shaped by the words provided by the website.  I’m very curious to see where it leads me.

Each week, I’ll post what I’ve written over the previous 7 days.  I’m not sure when the story will end, but I may have several very short stories or one long story.  In one year, I will have spent only 365 minutes writing, but it should be interesting.  Anyone else using this website?  My username is jaydeejapan, if you’re interested in following me.