Another poll. What should I read?

I’ve decided to ask the public again what I should read next.  Having already read Hitchhiker’s Guide book 1, and more than half way through The Wheel of Time book 1, I still have Endymion to read.  However, I’m looking ahead to after Endymion, and I’d like to know what others think I should read.  At the moment, I’m also reading an ebook, and will be reading another non-fiction book at the same time.

Since Endymion is science fiction, I’d like to read a fantasy book.  So, here are the choices.  Please vote!

4 thoughts on “Another poll. What should I read?”

  1. I reckon Game of Thrones. I jumped on that particular bandwagon a while back (finished A Feast for Crows last night, in fact), so it’d be interesting to get your take on it.

    I’ve only read two of the others. Pratchett is, of course, brilliant. Consistently thought provoking and funny, but if you’ve just read H2G2 then you’re probably not exactly desperate for a laugh just yet. In which case Tolkien might work. I found the Silmarillion pretty heavy going. Impressive enough as a feat of worldbuilding, but not exactly laugh-a-minute.

    1. Thanks. I thought Game of Thrones would be a popular vote, since there’s a TV series now. I don’t mind reading Pratchett after H2G2, since I haven’t read any Pratchett for a few months. I enjoy his humour. And no problem with heavy books. Dan Simmons is pretty serious, so I’ll be reading this after Endymion.

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