Reading order

The sci-fi book poll has now closed, and I have a clear reading order for the next while.  Thank you to everyone who has voted!  So, after I finish “The Eye of the World,” here is my reading order:

  1. Endymion – Dan Simmons
  2. A Game of Thrones – George R.R. Martin
  3. Ender’s Game – Orson Scott Card
  4. Gardens of the Moon – Steven Erikson
  5. Revelation Space – Alastair Reynolds
  6. Guards Guards – Terry Pratchett
  7. The Reality Dysfunction Part 1: Emergence – Peter F. Hamilton
  8. The Silmarillion – J.R.R. Tolkien
  9. Dune – Frank Herbert
  10. His Majesty’s Dragon – Naomi Novik
  11. The Restaurant at the End of the Universe – Douglas Adams
  12. ?
  13. Ringworld – Larry Niven

Yes, there’s a question mark there, but I think I’ll fill that one with a classic.  There are some big books above, but I’m going through a big one right now.  At the same time, I have an ebook or non-fiction book going, so these aren’t all I’m reading.