Inspiration is a wonderful thing.  I just wish I knew how to make it happen more often.

As I was walking home tonight, I was pondering an idea I had for the novel I’m planning.  I’d been struggling with one very crucial part of the entire setup of the book and how I’d go about it.  I realised I was thinking about implementing the idea the wrong way.  My modified idea is a bit more down to earth, quite literally.  Not only that, it provided me with a short story idea I can use to help introduce my science fiction world.

I’ve also had some other inspiration recently that I’d like to get started on soon.  I’m going to write some very short stories based on dreams I’ve had.  These are some rather unusual dreams, but I felt that they could make good short stories or even flash fiction.  When I have time, I’ll be working on them and posting them to this blog.  They’ll be more of a writing exercise than something I want to publish.

Inspiration has been coming to me slowly lately, mostly due to the fact that I’ve been working a lot with not much free time.  I only have one day off every week.  But I find that my inspiration comes to me at two very different times.  One is while I’m walking home from the train station, and the other is when I’m taking a shower.

When do you get inspiration?


6 thoughts on “Inspiration”

  1. I wonder about this too, recently I feel like I have a lot of ideas and just lack time to put them down.. other times i find no interesting ideas at all!

    1. I have no shortage of ideas, I just don’t know if they’ll work well. I also don’t seem to have the time. I most certainly need the time!

  2. Nice post! I also find that inspiration comes at odd times, often when I’m walking or swimming… somehow physical activity without the interruptions of calls, texts, computers, etc allows my thughts to flow. Then, of course, I have to follow up with the writing. : ( Good luck getting your ideas committed to the page!

    1. Thanks for the comment. I also find that I can get inspiration if I have nothing around me to interrupt my train of thought. When I’m at home, I have my wife and daughter, as well as the dog who needs to go out every 2 hours. I can’t seem to get a good amount of time to just write.

      By the way, nice blog. I see you get to do quite a bit of traveling. Nice places to see!

      1. Ha! Sounds as if you and I have the same writing distractions. I often find myself writing after my husband and sons have gone to bed. I guess the advantage of young children is that you learn to write (just not always well) in any type of chaos.

        Yes, I do love to travel, but I’ve only been once to your adoptive country (and loved it!) You must enjoy living in Japan. I’ll look forward to future posts.

        1. I find that I do most of my blogging and writing after my wife and daughter have gone to bed, although today was an exception. However, when she’s working, I have my hands full with my daughter.

          Japan’s quite beautiful. It’s not all big cities. Lots of great things to see.

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