The top 10 countries I want to visit

I’ve always considered myself a traveler, even though I haven’t traveled much.  A lot of people have never left their country.  A large number of them have rarely left their hometown.  I didn’t leave Canada until I was a teenager, when my family went to North Dakota for a family reunion.  The next time I left Canada was when I was 28, and that was to move to Japan.  I’ve been in Japan for 7 years now, and I have traveled only to Canada via the USA.  I have been to Seattle-Tacoma, Detroit and Minneapolis-St. Paul airports, but have not ventured into the cities themselves.  I’ve done a lot of reading about countries, though.

Here’s where I’d like to travel:

1. New Zealand – It’s remote, it’s beautiful, has incredible mountains a lots of wilderness.  It has unique wildlife and, from what I’ve heard, a slower pace of life.  It seems like a great place to visit.

2. Ireland – I’m fascinated by castles and history.  I’d love to see the castles in Ireland, as well as the green countryside.  Also, Giant’s Causeway seems very interesting.

3. Australia – The outback has a certain attraction to it.  I’ve always wanted to visit a desert, and I think Australia’s is the one I’d like to see the most.  Ayer’s Rock/Uluru is a fascinating place, but I’ve often wondered what Alice Springs is like, being so isolated.  Tasmania would be interesting, as well.

4. Germany – Again, I like castles, and Germany has plenty.  I also like beer and sausage.

5. Costa Rica – Probably the most stable Central American country, it has a big eco-tourism industry that is very attractive.  I’d love to see the rainforests of Central America.

6. Norway – My grandmother’s ancestral country has had me very interested.  It has plenty to see, including the fjords, historical cities and Vikings.  Well, not living Vikings, but the history would be interesting to learn about.

7. Italy – As a lover of history, I can’t forget about Italy.  It has some amazing ruins, and it would be great to see Rome, the ruins of Pompeii and Venice.  The most active volcano in continental Europe is in Italy, Mt. Etna (I know, it’s not on the mainland, it’s on Sicily).

8. Peru – Lots of history to see here, mainly from the Inca.  Machu Picchu is a major attraction, as is Nazca.  It would be amazing to see them.

9. Iceland – This is also a remote country, and it seems like a great place to go trekking.  The Blue Lagoon is a big hot spring lake that I’d love to see.  Reykjavik, from what I’ve seen in pictures, is a nice city, as well.  I want to see the glaciers, too.

10. Greece – Finally, a very famous country with a great history and some amazing ruins.  There are many islands, and I want to see Santorini, which is the remnant of a gigantic volcanic eruption 3600 years ago.  The municipality of Thera looks like it would be great to explore.

So, that’s my list.  It was hard to only list 10.  I’d like to see far more than that, of course.  In the future, I would like to write about the places I want to visit in more detail.  Where do you want to go?