Writing anywhere anytime

Last night, I had a Blue Screen of Death on my old Sony Vaio laptop.  The system configuration is now corrupt, so I can’t recover the OS and access my old photos.  I should be able to save the pictures when I use the hard drive as an external drive.

This has had me thinking about a future computer.  My current computer is a fairly large laptop.  It’s portable, of course, but it’s a bit too large for me to take anywhere easily.  I’d like to work on my writing on a smaller, cheaper notebook computer.  In the future, I may buy a netbook sized computer for that purpose.  My wife has an iPad, which she doesn’t use.  I could use it, but I’d like an actual keyboard to type on, rather than a touch screen.  A touch screen isn’t ideal for touch typing, as you can’t feel the location of the keys.  I touch type, and would rather not look at the keyboard to type.  I could get a keyboard for it, but I’d prefer to use Windows.

It’ll be great to write anywhere I am.  It’ll increase the amount of time I can write.  I’m looking forward to it.

2 thoughts on “Writing anywhere anytime”

  1. I have my laptop for home, but I love my little notebook for lugging around with me, or travelling. I’m sure you’ll like using it and it’s really easy to pack away with you to go anywhere.

    1. That’s why I want to get one. I could write during my lunch break at work, on the train, or anywhere I like. No more writing notes on paper to take home.

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