A post a day July

Hello everyone!  Long time no write.  Sorry about the delay.  I’ve been pretty busy recently with a crazy baby daughter and a lack of sleep, but I also finished reading a book.  Review coming within a day!

In September 2010, I attempted a post a day challenge for myself on my Japan blog.  It was a great success, and I thought I’d challenge myself again.  Not only will I try to make a post a day on this blog, but also my Japan blog.  Obviously, they’ll be different.  I plan to make a post about something different every day.  If I’m pressed for time or very tired, I’ll do my best to make a post, even if it is short.  But I want each post to be worth reading.  I also invite discussion in the form of comments.  So, please enjoy!  It’ll start on Canada Day, July 1st.