Wow! Moment: The dog

Everyone has those moments when you suddenly say or think “Wow!” Sometimes it’s obviously amazing, while other times, it can appear quite mundane.  With this post, I’m starting a little “Wow!” moment series to talk about some of my moments.

The first is quite ordinary, and maybe some people may think it’s boring.  But this happened while I was watching the Westminster Dog Show, which is the biggest dog show in North America.  I like dogs, and I always enjoyed watching dog shows.  When I was a kid, I was fascinated by the differences between the various breeds, and dog shows were one way to see them all.  I had books about the breeds, as well.  I read them several times, I’m pretty sure.

I was watching the dog show on TV with my mom, as we often did every year, and the Sporting Group was having its turn.  They were to choose the winner of this group, so it could move on to the final group to determine Best in Show.  As the dogs were parading around, we saw this one dog that made us say “Wow” at the same time.  That doesn’t happen often.  What we saw was a Weimaraner, a gun dog that was developed in Germany and is known for its distinctive mouse-grey colour.  This particular Weimaraner was beautiful.  It was elegant.  It was athletic.  It ran with so much poise that we were in awe.  That’s never happened to me before.  I was impressed by a dog that was simply running.  Unfortunately, it didn’t win the group, but it was one of the top choices in the Sporting Group.


2 thoughts on “Wow! Moment: The dog”

  1. It always seems to me the ugliest dog imaginable is the one that wins. They need to have an australian shepherd win sometime. Or maybe a french bulldog.

    1. I’ve seen some great looking dogs win. Of course, it all depends on how closely the dog matches the breed guidelines, as well as training, attitude and how it moves.

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