Why I like reading fantasy

Everyone has their favourite genres.  Some like everything, while others stick only to one or two genres.  I don’t like everything.  I read mostly only a few genres, but I am open to others.  With this series of posts, I will explain why I like certain genres.  This time is fantasy.

My exposure to fantasy started with The Hobbit in junior high school.  It was required reading in grade 8, and I enjoyed it immensely.  That got me hooked on fantasy.  Fantasy gave me what other genres couldn’t (with the exception of science fiction), a new world to explore.  I’ve always been interested in geography and other countries, and fantasy gave me a taste of what it would like if we could create an entire new world and new cultures.  Whenever I’ve looked at fantasy books in a bookstore, I’ve always looked at the map.  That’s also how my love for writing fantasy started.  I started with the map.  It gave me a world to fill with countries, cultures, landscapes and endless possibilities for stories.

Fantasy allows the author to be very creative.  Anything can happen.  With magic, gods, strange creatures, demons, and unique cultures, a rich and adventurous story could be written with many surprises.  While many fantasy stories try to mimic the types of people from classic epic fantasy, introduced by J.R.R. Tolkien, some go a different way and make a completely new world with new races and monsters.  Imagination rules in fantasy.

I love being taken away to another world through fantasy.  It gives me a way to get away on a brief vacation from reality.  It’s good entertainment.