Goodreads and giving reviews

For an author, reviews are very important. I want to do my part and review any book that I read.  I’m doing it in 3 places, this blog, Goodreads, and Amazon.

This blog is meant for books, reading, and writing.  So, doing reviews is only natural.  This is the main place for me to do reviews.

Goodreads is also a good place for doing reviews.  It’s far more visible for the authors, as many are using that website.  It’s also great to see what your friends are reading and what they think of books.  You can rate and review books there.  I have an account, which you can find here.

Amazon is probably the main place to do reviews.  It’s also a major website where you buy the books.  Highly rated and popular books are easy to find on Amazon, so getting reviews there is very important.  The more often a book is reviewed, the more visible it is.  The authors really appreciate it.

Good reviews are great for  authors.  I don’t mean just positive reviews.  Negative reviews can provide authors with some constructive criticism, which can help them in their writing.  All good books receive negative reviews.  It’s only natural that there will be someone who doesn’t like a book.  Everyone has different tastes.  However, a book shouldn’t be reviewed on if they like or dislike a particular genre.  It should be reviewed based on its own merits.  A reviewer should read the entire book, not just quit after a few pages and give it a bad review.  I know I’d appreciate a full review.

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