My SF world teaser

As I’ve mentioned before, I’ve worked for a long time on a world for my science fiction series of stories.  I’ve got a bit of news about it.  It has a name!  I’m not going to say the name, but I’ll give you a bit of information.

The star is real, and it’s a G-type star similar to the sun, though only 3 billion years old.  It’s the brightest in its constellation, and is a candidate for the search for Earth-like planets.  It is known by its Bayer designation, though it has a lesser-known Arabic name.  I will be using the Arabic name of the star for the sun’s name.  I have a list of names for five of the planets at this time.  The names of the planets are linked to the historical and mythological story of the constellation. The feature planet’s name comes from the alternate name of the constellation.  The name has already been used for a minor body in the solar system, so that may or may not give you an idea what it is.

Can you guess the name of the planet or star system?