What I won’t review

I have a policy to review everything I read.  I still intend to follow that policy.  However, that doesn’t mean I will read everything.

Since I have limited time, I will only read what I want to read.  I have no obligation to read everything that’s suggested to me.  With that said, I don’t accept free review copies.  I just don’t have the time these days.  I have more than 150 books in my queue at the moment.

There are also certain genres I don’t read.  I’m not interested in horror, romance, sparkly vampires, zombies, westerns, or religious books.  The last one is a difficult one to review, anyway.  I don’t want to create controversy, and I certainly don’t want to attract the wrath of an angry follower of any religion, even if I review the book from a literary point of view. I’m just not interested in religious debates.

That’s about it.  Any questions?