Coco Loco Kitchen – Hamburger

Today was my daughter’s birthday, and we went out for some fun and later had some food.  We were at Terrace Mall Shonan near Tsujido station in Fujisawa, and we went to the food court for a quick lunch.  I decided to have something at Coco Loco Kitchen @ Riki Riki Deli.

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I had the hamburger set, which includes a burger, fries and drink.  I also had some coconut shrimp.

Hamburger, fries, and coconut shrimp.
The hamburger.

The hamburger was decent.  There were onions, lettuce, pickles, ketchup, and mustard on my burger, though it does come with tomatoes.  I asked for no tomatoes.  The meat was grilled, not fried.  However, the patty seemed a bit small for the bun.  But I liked it, anyway.

Coconut shrimp.

I like the coconut shrimp.  It had a sweet taste and a crunchy coconut-filled batter.  Quite nice.

The fries were nothing special.  Lightly salted wedge style fried potatoes.  No surprises here.

Overall, I’d say I liked the food.  I wish the hamburger patty was a bit bigger, and the set had a bigger drink.  Otherwise, it was good.

2 thoughts on “Coco Loco Kitchen – Hamburger”

  1. looks good! have you been to that ‘tempura’ place there that has the ridiculously long ass line? (i forget the name… serves tempura soba/udon)
    and happy birthday to your daughter!

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