Sorry about the silence

I’m sure my regular readers have noticed a lack of posts recently.  Not a complete lack, but it sure has slowed down.  I have reasons for that.  The main reason is that the cold has been making its rounds in my family.  I haven’t caught it, but my daughter and wife both have it.  This has made me busier.

But I haven’t been completely quiet.  I did make a pretty big post for my Japan blog, although it took me 4 times longer than it normally would.  I’ve also started a new project.  It’s actually very simple and takes very little of my time, but it results in at least 3 blog posts a day.  Check out 365 Rotations for my photo project.  I use my iPhone exclusively to make blog posts, which consist of a photo and a short comment.  I’m attempting to take photos every day at the same location to show the changes of the seasons and weather.

Reading continues as usual, but I’ve had little time to focus on writing.  But this lull shouldn’t last long.  Exciting things coming up!

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