Sorting my reviews

I love lists.  I hope you like lists and find them useful.  Well, I’ve expanded my review lists.

In the menu at the top, you can now find four ways to list my reviews.  Of course, I’ve always had them listed by title and author.  Now there are two more ways to list them!

First is by publishing year.  That’s self-explanatory.  If there are updated editions, I may list it by that edition’s publishing date, but only if it’s significantly different than the original (non-fiction books, especially).

Second is by the author’s country of origin. This is a little tricky, as some authors have changed country.  For example, Arthur C. Clarke was born in the UK, but lived in Sri Lanka and had Sri Lankan citizenship later in life.  However, I refer to him as a British author.  J.R.R. Tolkien was born in what is now South Africa, but he was born to British parents and moved to England when he was 3.  I also refer to him as British.

I doubt that I’ll categorise the books any more, but it’s possible in the future.

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