McDonald’s – Texas Burger and Shakashaka Fries

Two years ago, McDonald’s Japan introduced Big America, a series of 4 American themed burgers.  Last year, they held Big America 2.  This year, they have Big America All-Stars.  They’ve brought back 2 of the burgers from the first Big America.  This month, they have the Texas Burger, while from the 22nd, they have the Idaho Burger.  I liked both, so I’m happy to be reviewing the Texas Burger this time.

Basically, it’s a barbecue burger with fried onions, barbecue sauce, bacon, cheese, and a mustard-relish sauce.  It also has an additional bun in the middle, similar to the Big Mac.  In addition to the burger, I got the Shakashaka Potato with American BBQ seasoning.  It’s regular fries with a seasoning packet that you shake together in a bag.  I got this as a set, including the medium fries and a medium drink for 670 yen with a keitai (cell phone) coupon.

Burger, fries and drink.
Close-up on the burger. You can see the onions, bacon and barbecue sauce. The bun is even toasted.
The fries after shakashaka-ing (shaking).

So, how is it?  The burger is as I remember it.  I like the barbecue flavour, as well as the mustard-relish.  The onions and bacon add a nice touch.  For a McDonald’s burger, this is probably my favourite.  If you like McDonald’s, it’s great to try, but I believe it’s only available in Japan.

I like McDonald’s fries.  No, I love them.  Adding the BBQ flavouring is good, though it’s lighter than I expected.  It’s kind of sweet and salty, not so spicy.

I’m looking forward to the Idaho Burger next time.