Yottekoya – Nokoshoyu Ramen

At the moment, I would say my favourite ramen shop is Yottekoya.  It’s a chain restaurant, and there are two in Fujisawa.  I go to the one in Shonandai.  It specialises in Tokyo style tonkotsu ramen.  Tonkotsu ramen is from Kyushu, but the local type here is a bit different.

The front of the restaurant.

I ordered the Nokoshoyu Ramen, which is a newer addition to the menu.  It’s a soy sauce based ramen with pork and lots of green onion.  This ramen is really good!

Nokoshoyu ramen.

In addition to the ramen, I had the hanchahan (half size serving of Chinese fried rice) as part of a set, which is 810 yen.  The fried rice is good, and has plenty of grilled pork in it.  This is also a new menu item.

Yottekoya’s fried rice.

My wife had her own ramen, and she ordered a gyoza set.  I shared the gyoza with her.  I love gyoza, so this was also great to have.  Very good!

Gyoza and soy sauce/vinegar dip with chili pepper.

These are all very popular foods in Japan, although they are all Chinese in origin.  However, Japan has adapted the ramen for Japanese tastes, and it’s not quite Chinese now.  It’s more of a Japanese food now.

Yottekoya is a nice little ramen shop to go to in Japan.  I highly recommend it.

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