Writing has commenced on Journey to Ariadne

431 words in the past hour.  Not a large amount, but it is the opening.

I find that the opening of a story is one of the hardest things to write.  How do I establish the scene?  How do I introduce the characters?  How do I create an atmosphere?  It’s not easy.

I think as I get deeper into the story, the words will flow much more freely.  I need to get into the zone and have no distractions, which isn’t always possible.

But it has started in a room somewhere on Mars with an American and an Italian.  I hope to be finished the first installment of Journey to Ariadne this week and have it posted at my official website.

So my question to you is: What do you find to be the most difficult part of starting a new story?  Please post your answer in the comments.

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