What’s your favourite colour?

Tonight, as I was washing the dishes and thinking about the colours of the dishes, I asked myself the question, “What’s your favourite colour?”  I always answer blue.  To be more accurate, the colour of copper (II) sulfate.  Why?  I don’t know.  It just feels right.

But then I started thinking, is it really my favourite colour?  There are many cases in which I think other colours are perfect.  I’ll look at all of the main colours.

Blue is a great colour because it’s often quite neutral, my preferred clothing colour, and looks good on cars.  It’s also the colour of the sky, which looks amazing when there are no clouds.  Neptune has a beautiful shade of blue, too.

Green is arguably my favourite colour to look at outside.  I love the lighter green of new leaves in spring.  It makes me feel more energetic and alive.  It’s the colour of life.

Yellow just makes me happy.  It feels sunny.  My grandparents used to have a kitchen and dining room with a lot of yellow, including their kitchen breakfast table, which was a bright yellow.  That room was one of my favourites in their house.  The yellow just made it feel so welcoming and comfortable.

Orange is a warm and bright colour that just gives me a warm feeling.  I would not paint my walls bright orange, though.  Too bright and hard to look at.  It’s great in small quantities and is very eye-catching.

Red is similar to orange, but I also like the darker wine red.  I think that would be a great colour for the walls and carpet of a home library I want to have.  It would complement the reddish cedar or mahogany wood I’d like my bookshelves to be made of.

Brown isn’t my favourite colour for many reasons.  I don’t like brown clothes.  I sometimes associate it with soil.  However, brown wood is another matter.  Actual wood furniture (not fake woodgrain) is quite nice, as well as older brown wood buildings.  It gives me a bit of a warm, earthy feeling.

White is safe.  It’s good for many things, but I really don’t like white walls.  Too boring.  We’ve got off-white walls with a slightly brownish tinge in our apartment.  But as far as what’s best in white, I’d say paper and websites.  I prefer to read text on white.

Black is also pretty safe.  Black furniture is very attractive-looking.  My computer is black, actually.  If it’s a shiny black, it looks great, I think.  But as a background on a website, it makes it difficult to read the text, giving me an awful afterimage.

Pink is okay as a highlighter. And I do have to admit it looks good on my daughter.

I was hoping to write a review of Dune tonight, but I’ve been busy recently, mostly with being sick and having to deal with my daughter not sleeping well at night.  But I’m okay now, and my daughter seems to be sleeping better.

Before I finish, I have to ask you a question.  What’s your favourite colour and why?