Cafe Denny’s – Ebi Macaroni Gratin

When I think Denny’s, I think 24 hour breakfast.  That’s the way it is in Canada.  But in Japan, it’s nothing like that.  The food is made for Japanese tastes, and you can’t find one of Denny’s slams.  Sure, it’s open 24 hours in Japan, but breakfast food is served only at breakfast.

However, I went to Cafe Denny’s, which is a scaled down version of Denny’s with drinks and a handful of pasta and Japanese dishes. It was in Ito Yokado near Shonandai in Fujisawa.  I was actually quite disappointed by the selection.  But I did order something.  Here’s what I ordered.

Iced tea.
Fried potatoes.
My main dish, Ebi Macaroni Gratin.

First of all, the iced tea is typical and nothing extraordinary.  The fried potatoes aren’t seasoned, but they were fine.  But the main dish, the Ebi (shrimp) Macaroni Gratin, was what I was looking forward to.  It was okay, very mild flavour.  I liked it.  However, the portion size was unexpectedly small.  I don’t think Cafe Denny’s is a place I’ll go again.