Incredible Home Libraries

I would like to share with you some amazing home libraries.  Last year, I wrote about my dream office/library, but I’ve found a website that features 37 home libraries that look great.  Some are incredible!  Take a look here, then come back here.

Finished?  Good.  So, which ones do I like?  I like many of them, but these ones stand out:

The first one looks nice and cozy.  It’s nothing really special, but I like the atmosphere.

The second one looks incredible.  I love the looks of it, and it’s very creative.  It can be a library and an office.  I believe this is a famous author’s writing studio, as I’ve seen this picture elsewhere.

I like the vertical one in the fourth picture.  It just seems to feel so open and lots of room for books.

The sixteenth picture with the bookshelves accessible from a raised platform on the wall looks interesting.  I like the looks, but I’m not sure about the comfort, though.

The eighteenth picture has bookshelves everywhere!  It’s modern, bright, and room for a huge number of books.  I really like this one.

The twenty-fifth library is huge.  Long shelves and an entire wall of floor to ceiling windows.  It feels more like a real library.

The twenty-seventh library appears rustic and comfortable.  I prefer modern, but this one just seems pleasant.

The twenty-ninth is very interesting.  It has two levels with a great shape.  The upper level is just bookshelves, while the lower level has windows all around, though bookshelves are placed in front of them.  Not sure how the sun will affect the books.

The thirty-second looks great.  It has a long, wood bookcase that curves along the wall and has comfortable-looking chairs.  It’s also pretty open and bright.  I like it.

I like the thirty-third, as well.  The shelves are all above everything, accessible by stairs.  I seem to like the libraries with high shelves.

Which do you like?  Do you have a favourite?  Leave your comments.

Book Review – The Restaurant at the End of the Universe

The Hitchhiker's Guide to the GalaxyThe Restaurant at the End of the Universe is the second part of The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Universe by Douglas Adams.  This version is from A Trilogy in Four Parts omnibus edition. It continues right where the first part left off, and it appears this is just one long continuous story. It’s a quick read, as it didn’t take me long to finish. As a comedy, it can’t be taken seriously.  It is pretty humourous.

The characters are mostly the same as before.  There are some new and some recurring characters, but the core remains the same.  Zaphod Beeblebrox is as crazy as ever, seeming like the star, rather than the main character Arthur Dent.  Arthur’s character is often serious and humourless, so doesn’t really stand out.  Ford Prefect continues as usual, and I would say he’s my favourite character at this point. He always finds something interesting in every situation.  Marvin the Android is very depressed, and didn’t care if he were destroyed.  He’s there for more comedy, of course.  Trillian actually seems pretty normal.  All around, a good cast with some surprising chemistry.

The story, originally a radio show, continues in this part with the search for someone important (I won’t say who). It leads to many different places, and as the title suggests, they go to the restaurant at the end of the universe, giving this part of the story a good dose of time travel. I found that there were a lot of coincidences, mostly concerning locations.  One of these coincidences involves the end of the story which may surprise some, but I guessed correctly what it was.  Ford is at his best in this segment.  It has me interested in seeing what happens next.  There’s a lot of time travel in part 2, but it’s handled well with a lot of humour.  I wouldn’t worry so much about time paradoxes, though.  You can’t take it seriously at all. I felt the story was stronger in this part.

While it’s funny, I don’t think it’s laugh out loud funny.  I felt like the story was crazier than the first part, but also better.  I really enjoyed it, especially the description of the restaurant.  When I saw the title, I was thinking the end of the universe was a location, which makes no sense.  It is a time, of course.  That makes much more sense.

I think this was a great installment.  I would highly recommend it to any science fiction fans who enjoy a good amount of humour. It is more complex than I expected, but it’s an easy read.  I enjoyed it better than the first part.  I’d have to give it a 4 1/2 stars.  Very enjoyable!

Freshness Burger – Lime Soda

A little quick one this time.  My wife and I went to Freshness Burger before visiting our daughter in the hospital (one reason I’ve been very quiet with blogging recently), and I ordered the Lime Soda.  Let me just say that their sodas are made with real fruit.  Not only do they put the fruit juice in the soda, they also put half of the fruit itself in!  It tastes really good.  I just wish there was more in the glass, and not so much ice.  Definitely try it.

This is some great lime soda!