How are you? I’m fine.

As June comes to an end, I realise that half a year has passed since I promised to post 5 times a week on this blog.  Well, life happened.  That is, my daughter spent nearly a quarter of the year sick.  I slept less.  I had too much to do and not enough free time.  Well, that is finally changing!

I am now free on Thursdays while my wife works and my daughter stays at home with me.  I’ll have plenty of time to work on writing, blogging and more.  During my daughter’s nap, as well as after bedtime, I’ll be totally free.  Other times, I’ll be keeping an eye on her, but will be able to do my blogging during those moments.  Actual book writing will happen while she’s sleeping. Today, I’m tying up loose ends on my second job so that I can be free on Thursdays.

Expect this:  More blogging.  I think I’ll start posting more about my writing, as well as other thoughts on this blog.  Don’t expect long posts.  I want to encourage discussion in the comments, as well.  I will get to work on Journey to Ariadne part 1’s rewrite and part 2 first draft.  I will be creating an author fan page on Facebook.  I will be getting my book review backlog up to date.  I’ve been reading, just haven’t gotten around to writing the reviews.  They’re all in my head, they just haven’t been written down.

Some things on my wishlist are:

  • Add more ways of searching book reviews. I like lists.
  • Questions for authors.  I’ll invite authors (most likely indie) to answer some brief questions on this blog.
  • More insight into what I think about, especially in terms of writing.
  • Bits of science news.  I love science.

So, how are you doing?

Are Writers Introverts or Extroverts?

I came across a Freshly Pressed blog post at Exploring Pixie that made me think about something.  What are writers and authors more inclined to be, introverts or extroverts?

In general, writing and creativity is generally an introverted trait, but certainly not exclusive to introverts.  Introverts tend to be quieter, although not always, and are less likely to be outspoken and wordy.  Writing gives introverts a way to express themselves in a more comfortable way, without being watched.

I am an introvert.  I always have been.  As a child, I was very shy.  As an adult, I’ve gone through a call centre job, requiring me to speak to many people, and later as a team leader at the same call centre.  That put me in the position of having to speak with authority, and even brief up to 50 people on a project.  I’d never spoken in front of that many people before that job.  And now, I’m an English teacher in Japan.  I spend my days talking to others.  Over the past 12 years, I have talked so much, that I’m sure people wonder if I really am introverted.  For example, when I played hockey, I was afraid of scoring a goal because I didn’t want any attention.

I’m the complete opposite now.  I write blogs, I am writing a book, I want people to see what I write.  I want that attention.  I want to interact with people.  Does this mean I’m an extrovert now?  Absolutely not!  I am still an introvert.  I prefer to listen than to speak.  I’m an observer, and I learn a lot about human behaviour from watching.  That has helped me a lot in my work as both a call centre team leader and an English teacher.  I can read people quite well and adjust how I speak with them.  I rarely ever have difficulty speaking with someone because I can quickly judge how they’ll respond.  I believe this can also help me with writing fiction.  I understand how people behave, so I can adapt this to my writing.

But I wonder, are writers more inclined to be introverted or extroverted?  I’d like some responses.  So please leave a comment.  If you’re a writer, are you introverted or extroverted?  Even if you aren’t a writer, I’d still like to know.  Thanks!