Daily Prompt: Back to School

WordPress’s Daily Prompt today is this: If you could take a break from your life and go back to school to master a subject, what would it be?

My simple answer: Geology

As many of my readers may know, I studied physics and astronomy in university, mostly because of my fascination and obsession with space and planets.  No wonder I’m writing a science fiction novel.  In my first year, I took two classes of introductory geology and enjoyed it thoroughly.  You see, my second choice of subjects to study was palaeontology.  My dinosaur interest was my reason for this choice. But the planets won.

Now, I often think, what if I’d studied only one planet, Earth?  It would’ve been very useful for studying other planets, such as Mars.  I realised that my interest in space was mostly the planets.  After I studied geology and went through most of my university career, I started developing the world I created for my science fiction novels, which is now known as Ariadne.  While astronomy certainly helped me with some of the planning, geology was what helped me create the world and give it a more realistic look.  It seems like a perfect match.

My home province of Alberta in Canada is very well-known for dinosaurs, the Rocky Mountains, and oil.  All three are related to geology.  My adopted country of Japan is a great place to examine seismology and vulcanology (or volcanology, however you want to spell it.  I prefer vulcanology because of a certain group of logical aliens.  But that’s the geek in me speaking). In fact, I have climbed Mt. Fuji almost 8 years ago.  What a wonderful place to look down at the rocks, or even inside the volcano.

One of my most memorable moments was looking inside the gaping maw of Mt. Fuji's crater.
One of my most memorable moments was looking inside the gaping maw of Mt. Fuji’s crater.

As an added bonus, my astronomy and geology interests met in a rather peculiar way.  As I was descending the mountain, I realised that the colour of Mt. Fuji was reminiscent of Mars.  Even the photos I took looked somewhat like Mars.

This is not Mars!
This is not Mars!

It would be absolutely fascinating to study this mountain, especially with the rumblings going on in geological circles saying that an eruption is imminent. But I don’t want it to erupt.  I live a bit too near it.

Space is very interesting, but I love planets.  Geology would bring me closer to understanding Earth, as well as other rocky planets, and help me make my created world even more amazing.

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