When Writing Becomes Difficult

I’m sure most writers have writer’s block.  Well, sometimes, the writing just won’t come out for other reasons.

In my life, I tend to have problems writing because I can’t concentrate on anything at home at times, mostly due to my daughter.  It’s difficult to write when she’s around.  When she sees me on my computer, it’s her cue to come over, point at my computer, and shout, “Anpanman!”  It’s her favourite TV show and she loves dancing to one of the songs.  I can write after she’s gone to bed or while she’s napping, though.

But another thing that makes it difficult is when someone you’ve known for a long time passes away.  I learned this morning that an old high school classmate of mine passed away from skin cancer.  She’s a mother of two young children, so I’m also thinking about them.  Robin, you were too young.

We weren’t close, but it still makes me stop and think.  I may write another post tonight, if I have the time.  I’ll probably work on Journey to Ariadne during my break at work, though.