I Get My Best Ideas Where?

I wish I could get my best ideas while I’m sitting at my computer ready to write.  But it rarely seems to happen that way.  I get my inspiration in places where I have less man-made stimulation, it seems.

My best ideas come in three places:

  1. The majority of my ideas come in the shower.  This is one place where I can’t do anything about the idea except just remember it.  I then write it down after my shower.  Maybe it’s because I feel the calmest at that time.
  2. Many of my ideas come while I’m outside walking.  I have nothing to write on!  If I’m on a long walk, I have the risk of forgetting my idea, unless I spent a significant amount of time developing it.  That happens often, though.  I get an idea and run it through my mind while I’m walking.  This is my ideal idea development time.
  3. The third is the most irritating, and probably very common for many people.  In bed before going to sleep.  I can rarely remember these ideas!  Why does this happen?  I wish I had some kind of notepad I could write on while I’m falling asleep, but my mind and body aren’t in any condition to respond that way.

Where do you get your best ideas?