Irritating but Awesome Dream

This morning, I had a dream just before waking up.  I can remember those dreams very well.  And since this one was quite unusual, I didn’t forget it.  It was an irritating situation, but it ended in an amazing way.

In the beginning, I was shopping in a supermarket with my family, and I had to pay 17,000 yen.  That’s $170 for you North American inhabitants.  I decided to pay by debit.  In Japan, there is no debit.  Everyone pays by cash or through an electronic prepaid card.  But in my dream, debit was an option.  I was declined.  What was it?  Not enough money in my account?  No, I had plenty in my dream account.  More than enough.  The manager came over and told me there was a problem.  He showed me how much I had in my account (supermarket managers can do that???) and how I haven’t been spending money from that account much at all (the supermarket is part of a bank???).  I explained to him that I was normally using that bank account to save money because I have a young child I need to save for.  He told me that he understood, and printed out a paper for me to read over, so we could clear up this problem.  I touched the paper, and it suddenly folded 90 degrees into the shape of a laptop computer.  A keyboard and a screen materialised on the paper.  Electronic paper!!  It seemed so real, and I was so amazed.  I couldn’t believe that they’ve started using electronic paper in this way.  What was even more amazing is that the paper started showing a video in full colour.

And then I woke up.  I was kind of disappointed.  I wanted that paper computer to be real.  But with the way technology is advancing, it’s quite possible it could soon.

Have you ever had a dream that was actually possible and impressed you a lot?  Leave a comment.