Looking Ahead to 2014

It may be a bit early for a look at the next year, but I will be on holiday at the end of the year and unable to do any blogging.  So, here is what to look forward to next year.


Even if I don’t make my target of 25 books this year (I’ll give it a try, though!), I’m going to set a new target of 30 books for 2014.  I think I can manage my time better than I have this year.  I also have some challenges I’ve started and won’t finish at all in the near future.  They’re long term challenges.  You can see them here. I will continue as always, trying to cut down my big pile of books.


If I can time things right, I hope to actually finish Journey to Ariadne, which I started this year and only managed to get 2 parts done due to too many things happening.  Again, I’m working on time management, and plan to do some writing during my break at work, as well as late at night and any time I’m at home alone or when everyone else is sleeping.


Last month’s post a day worked very well, and this month, I’ve been posting nearly every day.  Not only that, I’ve been posting more this month than last month, up to 3 times a day.  This has had a very direct effect on my motivation, as well as seeing the visitor numbers going way up.  I’m getting more interactions with others, as well.  I’ll continue posting on this blog next year, and you may end up seeing more than 400 posts.


As I mentioned earlier today, I’m going to start doing some free online university courses at Coursera.  I may do more, depending on time, and if they don’t take too much of my time.  The courses I chose don’t consume much time at all.  I should also work on my Japanese.

More Ariadne

I’ll be doing a lot of work on my official author’s website in regards to the Ariadne Encyclopedia.  I’ll also be working on some artwork for my books (not cover art, but sketches), and if I can figure out how to get them online without a scanner, I’ll do that.

Early in 2014, I’ll do a retrospective of 2013.  WordPress always does up a page with stats for each blog, so you should be seeing that, too.

I’m Going to Be a Student!

Well, sort of.  I’m actually going to be taking a couple of free university courses online at Coursera.

courseraThe first one starts on January 20, 2014, and is only 5 weeks long.  I’ll be studying about astrobiology and the search for extraterrestrial life.  I’m using this as research for Ariadne, and hope to get some good information about it.  It’s taught by a university professor at the University of Edinburgh in Scotland.

The second one starts in March (exact date unknown), and is about the diversity of exoplanets.  Also being used as research for my books.  This one is taught by 7 professors at the University of Geneva in Switzerland, and it’ll last 6 weeks.

Each of these courses will only require 2-4 hours of work a week, including homework, watching videos, and quizzes.  At the end of each course, I’ll actually get a Statement of Accomplishment from the universities and signed by the professors.  What does this mean?  Absolutely nothing.  But it’ll be useful information, and will help me improve the science of my novels.

Christmas Blog Present 9: Pornokitsch

No, it is not porn!


#9 Pornokitsch

With a name like Pornokitsch, you’d be wondering what it is.  Well, this website and blog features lots of geeky things, including book reviews, film reviews, TV reviews, interviews, and more.  They seem to have done mainly fantasy, but also science fiction and other genres.  They even have their own small non-profit press. It’s edited by Anne C. Perry and Jared Shurin.

Their reviewing style is quite detailed and they use a lot of humour in their reviews.  They’re pretty entertaining to read.  I’m not going to link to one of their latest reviews, but I’ll show you a review of a book I’ll be reading soon.  This is Wizard’s First Rule.