I’m Going to Be a Student!

Well, sort of.  I’m actually going to be taking a couple of free university courses online at Coursera.

courseraThe first one starts on January 20, 2014, and is only 5 weeks long.  I’ll be studying about astrobiology and the search for extraterrestrial life.  I’m using this as research for Ariadne, and hope to get some good information about it.  It’s taught by a university professor at the University of Edinburgh in Scotland.

The second one starts in March (exact date unknown), and is about the diversity of exoplanets.  Also being used as research for my books.  This one is taught by 7 professors at the University of Geneva in Switzerland, and it’ll last 6 weeks.

Each of these courses will only require 2-4 hours of work a week, including homework, watching videos, and quizzes.  At the end of each course, I’ll actually get a Statement of Accomplishment from the universities and signed by the professors.  What does this mean?  Absolutely nothing.  But it’ll be useful information, and will help me improve the science of my novels.

6 thoughts on “I’m Going to Be a Student!”

  1. Cool! This sounds really cool! I would do it… if I weren’t already planning to go to college for astrophysics haha. Still, this is an awesome resource, and I just may use it sometime, as I’m writing my own sci fi which would only benefit from the knowledge gained. Thanks for putting this information out there.

    1. Although I have a degree in physics and astronomy, I’ll still use it. It’s been a few years since university, and this information wasn’t taught to me at that time. It just wasn’t a subject, considering the very few exoplanets known at the time and astrobiology being discussed very little. Hope you can enjoy it!

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