Merry Christmas!

In a few hours, it’ll be Christmas Day here in Japan, and despite it being a major holiday in my home country of Canada, it’s just another regular day here.  I’ll be working.  However, it is my second last day working this year (my last being this Saturday), and then I’m on holidays.

My Christmas is like this.  I came home from work tonight and got to see my daughter Tomoe open her presents (the ones that have arrived so far).  She got some purple pants and shirt, a book, and a toy rabbit from my aunt.  She loved the rabbit and jumped around holding it.  She also got an Anpanman book from my wife and I.  There’s a pen that will speak when it touches any of the pictures in Japanese and English.  There are a lot of pages, so she can learn a lot of words with it.  And then she went to bed.

Unfortunately, our daughter is sick, and will be unable to go to her regular nursery tomorrow.  So, I’ll be taking her to a clinic with our secondary nursery, and she’ll spend the day there.

But you know, I got a great Christmas present from Tomoe.  This morning, just before I left, I said to her, “Bye bye. Love you.” She waved back at me and said, “Bye bye. Lub you.  Bye bye.”  When I got home, my wife told me that my daughter said today, “Daddy, lub you.”  I got lots of warm fuzzy feelings from that.

For the next couple of weeks, things will be pretty hectic.  On Thursday, we’ll all be home and won’t really be able to go out.  Probably doing some cleaning.  It’ll be raining out, unfortunately.  Friday, my wife is working and I stay home with our daughter.  I may get some writing done that day.  Saturday, I’m off to work for my last day of the year, and when I get home, my wife is off to her company year end party.  Then on Sunday, we’re home, and until we go to her hometown for New Year, we’ll be doing our year end cleaning.  Our holiday in her hometown will be spent with her parents, sister, and grandmother.  It’ll be our daughter’s first time to see everyone since she started talking.  That’ll be fun!

Unfortunately, I may not be able to finish my yearly reading challenge.  There’s less than a week and a lack of time.  But I’ll keep trying!

I hope everyone has a great Christmas!

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