The Blog in 2014

I’ve already posted about my year ahead, but I wasn’t very specific about what’s going to happen with my blogging.

My daily posting is expected to continue, unless I have a busy day or two here or there, or I’m away on vacation.  When I’m blogging as I like on a daily basis, I feel pretty good.  I enjoy the interaction with my readers, and I find I always have something to write about.

There’s something I want to do for 2014, and that’s start a roughly weekly fact series of posts.  The title of this blog is related to encyclopedias, and I always loved reading about various topics when I was a kid.  I’d like to bring back that feeling by reading a bit about different topics (mainly science and geography related), and sharing some interesting facts about them.  I might tell you about the cerebelum one week, then talk about Mt. Etna the next, and then about gypsum.  Who knows?  But I think I’ll keep them mostly related to events going on in the world, so it’s more relevant.

Another thing I’ll be doing is using to experiment with graphics editing.  I’d like to redo the site’s design, as well.  The header could use some freshening up and a bit more relevant to the topic (it’s currently a picture of Enoshima in the city I live in).  I will also be using it to work on maps.  That’s right, I’ll be posting maps of Ariadne, mainly on my official site, but I’ll also discuss it here.  And if I become proficient enough with it, I may even work on my own cover art.  I’m pretty decent at drawing and have done graphics art before, but I’m pretty rusty.

As always, I’ll be bringing more reviews and interviews.  I hope to increase my reading pace to 30 books in the coming year.

I’ll be a bit quiet over the next few days, unfortunately.  When I return later in the week, expect some great things to come!

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