Yamato City Library

Yamato City Library is the main branch for the library in Yamato, Kanagawa, Japan.  It’s about a 5 minute walk north of Yamato Station.

The building is very nondescript and conservative.

The library is 3 stories and has a very conservative design.  It doesn’t appear distinct at all, so doesn’t stand out.  The library has approximately 470,000 books, according to the official website.  There are various facilities available, including audio-visual rooms, conference rooms, a room to make videos, edit videos, a darkroom for photography, internet, children’s area, and even a couple of art galleries.

The main entrance.

I was unable to enter the library due to a lack of time, but I doubt there’s not much of interest architecturally inside.  I will check it out if I have the chance.

For more library photos, check out the Library Photo Project.


The title of this post describes how I’m feeling.  It’s how I’ve been feeling since the weekend.  I previously commented about a computer problem I was having and apparently solved.  Well, that’s not entirely true.  You see, the problem continues, but much less severely.

It seems that my computer is running very slowly for the first 5 minutes that I use it.  After that, it works fine.  Everything seems to hang, especially Firefox.  It is incredibly irritating.  I hope to find a solution soon.

This whole frustrated feeling has pulled me away from the things I want to do.  I haven’t been able to make blog posts like I’ve wanted.  I can’t really blog well when I’m feeling this way, feeling so preoccupied.  Every time I start my computer, I keep saying to myself, “Please start with no problems, please start with no problems.”  It starts up normally.  After that, I open Firefox, and see that it becomes unresponsive from time to time and I can’t do a thing.  At that time, I’m saying, “Work damn it!”  I feel like I have to handle my computer delicately now.

Things that have been sacrificed because of this problem are my studies on Coursera, my blog posting, and my writing.  What has benefited is my reading, though.  I read while my computer is being an idiot.

Well, let’s hope tomorrow is a good day and I do lots of blog posts!