Interested in a Short Story Collection?

I’m wondering how much interest there is in short story collections.  I have a lot of ideas for short stories, including ones from dreams I’ve had.  I’ve been thinking about writing out some of my dreams into more cohesive stories, as they were so intriguing, I couldn’t forget them.

My ideas are mainly science fiction and fantasy, and will range from simple stories to more complex ones that are longer.  Some may be related to fantasy worlds I have in mind, as well.

I’m sure some of you may be asking why I’d be considering writing short stories while I’m currently working on Journey to Ariadne. Well, sometimes I feel that I need to write something different.  It’s a kind of mental exercise, and also helps me to improve my writing skills and creativity.  If I’m not working on my main book, I want to practice writing in other ways.  This blog is one way, but it’s not fiction.  From time to time, I’ll work on some short stories and hold onto them until I’m ready to publish a collection.

What do you think?  Leave a comment.