If I Disappear, This Is Why

Recently, I’ve been having computer problems.  I’ve also recently checked what the problem is.  Turns out I have bad sectors on my hard drive.  This may mean that my hard drive is failing.  Well, tonight, I noticed that a couple of my shortcuts were blank.  They led to nothing.  Those applications had disappeared.  They weren’t just simple applications, they were massive games.  All of the program files are gone.  I have no idea how that happened, but they were there 2 days ago.  In fact, it seems they disappeared while my computer was on. That is just strange.  I could reinstall, but there’s no point with the way this computer is acting.

So, if I disappear suddenly, this is why.  I may have a complete hard drive failure.  If so, I won’t be back until I have a new computer, which could take a while to save up for.  In that case, I’ll be doing any writing I have to do on paper, the old-fashioned way.  I’ll also be spending a lot more time reading.  Reviews will also be written on paper.

I could do some posts from my iPhone, but they’ll be brief.  I’m hoping my computer will hold out until I can buy a new one, though.

Well, there goes my motivation tonight.

6 thoughts on “If I Disappear, This Is Why”

  1. I use a program called SlimCleaner and SlimDrivers. They are free programs that can clean up junk files, check out your harddrive and also make sure your computer has the latest drivers.
    I also sell a program at my work called System Mechanic. It is really popular so I downloaded the demo (free trial) and when I used the trial my computer behaved a lot better. Maybe give it a go and see if it can help at all.

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