Getting Back Into Art

As a kid, I loved to draw pictures.  I drew a lot, mostly animals, sometimes scenery.  I enjoyed watching Bob Ross on TV.  I liked looking at Robert Bateman paintings.  They covered the two styles of painting I like.

Now, I’m not good at painting, nor do I really want to paint.  However, what I like is pencil drawings. I prefer realism.  I haven’t done much drawing in recent years, but I did a lot in school.  I have recently drawn our old dog’s picture, though.

I’m planning to get back into drawing.  Not just for my enjoyment, but also for my books.  I’m going to be getting back into practice by drawing animals, buildings, and scenery that I see around me.  I probably won’t do much until it’s warmer, though.  What I plan to do after this is draw animals, important landmarks, and scenery for Ariadne. I’m really looking forward to getting started on this.

Another thing that may come out of this is an art and photography blog to showcase my best photographs and artwork.  With the retirement (well, hibernation) of my Foreign Dad in Japan blog and my 365 Rotations project coming to an end this week (at least photographically), I’ll have a bit more time to devote to this.  365 Rotations will continue to be updated weekly with weather reports and monthly with photos of each location, though.  Mainichi Dokodemo Photography will continue as always, but that’s strictly iPhone photos which take very little time to post.  But with this new blog, it’ll be the first time I focus on high quality photography and art.  Pretty much all of my previous photography has been casual hobby photography.

Despite doing this, I feel that I’ll be spending more time writing, too.  With my recent computer problems, I’m going to do most of my drafting in notebooks, and later typing out a first draft.  I can take a notebook anywhere, so I can write anywhere.

Maybe I’ll take a small sketchpad with me and make quick sketches wherever I go, too.

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