Your Voice Was Heard

I recently posted a couple of polls so I could find out what my readers thought.  So, four days later, I have my response to the poll results so far.

The first poll asked, “What would you like to see more of on this blog?”

The top answer so far is writing advice. Now, as I’m not a professional writer, nor am I the most experienced at writing fiction, I can’t give seasoned advice.  I can give advice from the point of view of someone who is learning the craft.  And so, I will.

The next four answers were tied.  First up is writing progress. I intend to do this, and I am basically posting my first draft on my official website.  And yes, more parts are coming soon.

Next up is space science news. I may not be posting about a lot of the news, but I will post some things that are of personal interest or may be interesting to you.  Although I have a degree in physics and astronomy, I don’t always write about it.  But I’ll try to do some more, especially with next year’s encounters with Ceres and Pluto.

Next is interesting facts (Encyclopedia Entries). This will be roughly a weekly series.  So far, I have three done.

And then it’s author interviews. This is something I want to continue, and I will likely interview indie authors as I finish reading their books.  That is if they want to be interviewed.  If I’m lucky, I’ll interview a traditionally published author (already have with Michael J. Sullivan).

Going to the lower end of the votes, we have library architecture. Although this is a new project, I won’t always be going to libraries.  However, I will try to regularly gather some library photos to post.

Even lower down is book reviews.  Since this is a main feature, it’s a given that I’ll continue it.  But as I asked what people would like to see more of, I’ll continue reviewing at my usual pace.

And finally with no votes at all is restaurant reviews. Well, I haven’t done one in months.

Our second poll asked, “What new things would you like to see on this blog?”  These are things that I don’t have on my blog right now, but am considering adding.

Top vote goes to…a tie!  First is my writing. Wow, you want to see my writing?  Consider it done.  I’m planning to do some flash fiction and other short fiction and post them here.  I hope you enjoy it.

The other top vote-getter is sci-fi and fantasy TV and movie reviews. I’ve been hoping to do this for quite some time now.  In particular, I want to review Battlestar Galactica, Star Trek (individual episodes), Doctor Who (individual episodes), Star Wars, and more.

The other three options in the poll are also tied.  First is posts about nature. As you know, I love science, and I’m a nature lover.  I really enjoy being out in nature, especially hiking in the forest.  So, I may do some posts about animals and plants that are in the news.  In fact, I’m planning on starting a new blog for art and photography that will feature nature, among other things.

Next is guest posts. I’m interested in having other bloggers write posts for this blog, and it’ll help promote both their blogs and this blog.  It’ll also give you another person’s opinions that may differ from mine.

Finally is opinions about current events.  This isn’t a high priority, but I may touch on one or two topics from time to time.

Thanks to everyone who voted.  The polls are going to remain open, so you can still vote if you like.  As always, comments are very welcome.