Another Book Idea

Over the past couple of weeks, I’ve been developing another idea for a novel.  In fact, it’s four novels.  Why would I be developing another series of books when I haven’t even finished my current one, you may ask?  Well, this idea was just too good to let it be pushed aside and risk being forgotten.  I have absolutely no intentions to start writing them while I’m working on Ariadne.

So, what is my idea?  It’s fantasy.  And while Ariadne is science fiction with a strong element of realism, this new idea is a somewhat dark fantasy.  My previous post was about violence.  Well, this series will involve violence, which is a very central theme of the story.  It’s quite important to the story, but it does not glorify violence.

The people of this story are basically all the same race, but there is a cultural and geographical separation which makes them all very unique.  Not only will I have to develop a common origin for the different groups, but I will also have to create different interpretations of their shared mythology.  Different environments and resources will lead to totally different societies.  It just makes me anxious to develop it more.

But don’t worry, I’ll be working on Ariadne as much as possible so I can finish the first book, hopefully by the end of this year.

Now, all I have to do is get over this cold so I can resume my regular blog posting schedule.  I’ve been feeling quite fatigued.