Computerless for the Foreseeable Future

I’m writing this from my phone, as I can’t get any of my computer’s web browsers to work without locking up. This means I’m restricted to my phone for the Internet. Not the best thing for typing up blog posts. So, I won’t be able to make long blog posts without tiring myself out, because typing on an iPhone takes far too long.

So, what should I do now? I’ll be reading a lot more. I’ll be writing on paper, both for my book and book reviews. Everything will get typed up once my computer is replaced, whenever that will be.

As for this blog, I’ll try blog often from my phone, hopefully generating some discussion from you in the comments. That means it’s your turn to talk a lot on this blog. So please leave comments often!

The unfortunate thing is that my Coursera courses are being put on hold for now. One course I won’t be able to finish at all because it’s done this month. I can’t watch anything. I don’t have iOS 7, so I can’t get the Coursera app. I tried.

Anyway, please bear with me until I get a new computer. When I’m fully up and running, I’ll have plenty to say.


8 thoughts on “Computerless for the Foreseeable Future”

  1. Sorry to hear that, computer problems are the worst. My laptop finally died last week and I had to go out and snag a new one. Not liking Windows 8. I’m waiting for a copy of Windows 7 Pro to arrive so I can reformat this sucker and get back to a bit of normalcy.

    Hope your computer problems are resolved soon. Doing it on the phone is no fun.

    1. Thanks. Shockingly, I’m using my computer to reply to your comment. I let it sit with Firefox open for about half an hour, and it hasn’t given me trouble since it froze up for about 10 minutes. But it’s getting worse, so I don’t know if I have much time today to use it.

      I use Windows 8 at work, and haven’t found it to be too bad in desktop mode. Hate app mode. But I use 8.1, so maybe there’s a slight improvement with that?

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