February Lull

I hear crickets.  It’s been a bit quiet around here recently.  No reviews, not many posts about writing, and I’ve only been posting about once every two to three days.  Why?

Lots of reasons.  You should know one of them: my computer is failing.  It had a blue screen a couple days ago when trying to go into sleep mode.  It takes longer and longer each day to get any web browser to work smoothly.  The other reason is a more exciting reason.  My sister is coming to Japan at the end of the month!  I’ve been busy preparing for her arrival.  While she’s here, things will be very quiet on this blog.  But after she’s moved on to her next destination, things should return to normal.

Another thing is that I’ve been working on Cousera courses, and I’m about to finish the Astrobiology course this week.  I started the course about finding other Earths last week.  Dino 101 is going strong, though I’ve actually got myself ahead of schedule by a week.

Never fear, I’ll be back as strong as ever.  And I think I need to do an Encyclopedia Entry on crickets.  It seems appropriate.