Studying and Nostalgia

As I work through my online courses at Coursera, I recall my days at university.  What triggered these memories is equations being used in the Imagining Other Earths course.  It really brings back memories of using equations everyday.

Another thing that’s been making me nostalgic is the amount of geology I’ve been exposed to in all 3 courses I’ve done.  When I was in university, I took a couple geology courses in my first year, and I thoroughly enjoyed them.  It makes me think that if I ever go back to university, I’d study geology.

Another thing I’ve started doing is studying languages.  At duolingo, I’ve been working on French mainly, and it made me realise how much I’ve forgotten.  I also started on Spanish, and I will work on German as well.

Anyone else doing Coursera or other MOOC courses?  How about duolingo?