It’s been three years since the earthquake and tsunami in the Tohoku region of Japan. I got to experience it firsthand. It was a shocking event, and it’s something I will never forget for the rest of my life. Please read all about my experience. Comments are very welcome.

Jay Dee in Japan

It’s the third anniversary of the Great Tohoku Earthquake and tsunami of 2011.  Hard to believe it’s been that long.  I remember that day very well as if it were less than a year ago.  I’m going to go back in time and show you my posts after this event.

On the day of the earthquake, I posted this short post, letting people know I was fine.  The next day, I posted this quick update. On March 13th, I posted this long account of my day. If you read any of these posts, that’s the one to read.  At the time, I was still doing my first Picture of the Week series, and I posted a picture of the supermarket shelves.  On March 16th, there was an earthquake at Mt. Fuji.

After the earthquake, there was a lot of media attention, much of it about…

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5 thoughts on “3/11”

  1. Hard to believe it’s been that long. I watched from Seattle, but remember it very clearly. I’m also disappointed that the Japanese govt. somehow defaults to complete incompetence when something like this happens, even though the rest of the country holds up admirably.

    1. It’s not just back then, but still, the government acts like a bunch of idiots with their heads stuck up their asses, unable to figure out how to think straight.

  2. It is hard to believe it was that long. Didn’t realize you were a part of that nightmare. Those images on the news of water sweeping across the land and drivers seemingly unawares were so horrifying and seemed so unbelievable, as if it were some movie special effect. Sadly it was all too real.

    1. I saw the video of the tsunami after I got home. I couldn’t see it throughout the day because I was stuck at work, unable to go anywhere. It was a surreal experience.

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