Month in Review – March 2014

March has come to a close, and it’s time I start something new.  At the end of every month, I’m going to post a review of the past month, highlighting the stats, as well as the most popular posts and draw attention to some posts that deserve a second look.

March Stats

March saw a slow start, as I was on vacation with my sister visiting me in Japan from Canada.  But after she left, I got to work on posting.  I finished the month with 30 posts, despite the slow start.  Not bad!

I finished the month with 9,798 views total, with 1,082 coming in March.  This has been my third best month in terms of views.

The month finished with a total of 1,089 comments.

The top 10 countries are:

  1. United States (650 views)
  2. Japan (93 views)
  3. United Kingdom (77 views)
  4. Canada (76 views)
  5. Australia (26 views)
  6. India (10 views)
  7. South Korea (9 views)
  8. Germany (9 views)
  9. Ethiopia (7 views)
  10. Netherlands (6 views)

The Alexa ranking is 3,471,809.

Top Posts

My top 5 most popular posts written in March were:

  1. INTJ – An Analysis of My Personality (130 views)
  2. My First Certificate from Coursera (29 views)
  3. We’re Back in Business! (27 views)
  4. Creating a Fictional Planet’s Calendar (27 views)
  5. Book Review – The Kingdom and the Crown (26 views)

My most popular post written before March was What does an earthquake feel like?  It had 95 views, and is always one of my top posts.  The recent earthquakes in California probably boosted it.

Posts that deserve more attention:


I posted a total of 4 reviews.

Not a bad month.  April will see me going through Camp NaNoWriMo, and hopefully some guest bloggers will join in and make some posts.  Looking forward to a great April!

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