Themed Posts

As you may know, I’ve been doing Encyclopedia Entries, informational posts about various topics.  I haven’t been using any kind of theme, just posting anything that came to mind related to current events or something I’ve done recently.  Well, that’s going to change.

I’m going to introduce a couple of themes.  They’ll be science and geography related, as those are the areas I’m most interested in, and I hope you’ll enjoy them.  To begin, I’ll be posting the Encyclopedia Entries with two different themes.

First one is astronomy related.  I’m going to go through all of the named moons in the solar system in alphabetic order.  After I finish them, which will take quite a while, I’ll move on to a new theme.

The second theme is a mix of geography and biology.  I’ll be going through all of the countries of the world and writing about each one’s national animal.  If a national animal doesn’t exist, then I’ll look at the national bird.  If there is no national animal at all, I’ll have to skip the country.

I hope you enjoy this!

Discrimination in Science Fiction

Today, discrimination is rampant in the world, including racism, gender discrimination, caste systems, and religion.  But what happens in the future?

Undoubtedly, international cooperation would be required for many future space missions, as ambitious programs would be too much for any single country to handle.  With the current Crimea crisis, Russia is being isolated by much of the world, and even NASA has suspended its cooperation with Russia, except for the International Space Station.  I can’t imagine what it must be like for the American astronauts and the Russian cosmonauts on the space station right now.  Do they feel the tension up there, or is it business as usual for them?

Looking forward a couple hundred years, will things change?  Will the divide between Christianity, Islam, and Judaism still exist?  Will racial discrimination still exist?  Will women and men be treated equally without any women’s rights or men’s rights movements?  Will homosexuality be accepted?  It’s difficult to know, but with how fast things change these days, I can imagine some will still exist while others will be less of an issue.

There’s also likely to be new kinds of discrimination.  If genetic engineering is allowed, there could be a split between the enhanced and the natural.  If extraterrestrial life is found, there could be discrimination against aliens if they ever live on Earth.  There could be new religions.  There could be the idea that those with cybernetic implants are advantaged.  Those kinds of things could happen.

In my Ariadne books, discrimination will take place, and it will even be a major focus for some of the stories.  I personally despise discrimination.  But some of my main characters will be prejudiced in some way or another.  I wouldn’t say it’s natural, but more of a product of the environment they grew up in.  Cultural groups may split when the colony is established, moving somewhere to create their own countries.  New cultures may be born, as well.  New religions will certainly be created.  It’s all very interesting to think about.

How do you think discrimination will change in the future?

Inspiration to Write

These days, I’ve been writing a post a day more or less, and those who know me have asked, “How do you think of ideas to write about all the time?” Well, the answer is, “I get my inspiration from everything.”

This blog post was inspired by my thoughts about what to write about today.  I did think of an idea, and I will post it later, but I felt like I needed to post this now.  Funny how my inspiration for this post was inspiration itself.

I get my inspiration from many sources.  Probably my biggest source is other blogs.  I have around 300 blogs in my reader, which I check several times a day.  I don’t necessarily read everything.  That would take up all of my time.  I read what’s interesting to me.  But sometimes, I see a great blog post that gives me an idea about what to write about.  Often, it’s not exactly what the other person wrote about, but something in that blog post catches my eye.

Other times, I get my inspiration from the books I’m reading. I see some aspect of writing or fiction that gives me something to think about, and I want to write about it.  The books I read can also inspire my own writing.  I’m pretty sure most authors get a lot of ideas from other authors’ novels.  This doesn’t mean copying, but there are specific elements that may be seen in other books that could be used.

I also get my inspiration from the world around me.  Current events, things that I see on my way to work, and some things that happen to me.  Science, family life, studying, and language also inspire me.

My next blog post was inspired by a blog post I read a short while ago.  It’s about the real world, but mine is about fiction.  Look forward to it!

What inspires you?