Inspiration to Write

These days, I’ve been writing a post a day more or less, and those who know me have asked, “How do you think of ideas to write about all the time?” Well, the answer is, “I get my inspiration from everything.”

This blog post was inspired by my thoughts about what to write about today.  I did think of an idea, and I will post it later, but I felt like I needed to post this now.  Funny how my inspiration for this post was inspiration itself.

I get my inspiration from many sources.  Probably my biggest source is other blogs.  I have around 300 blogs in my reader, which I check several times a day.  I don’t necessarily read everything.  That would take up all of my time.  I read what’s interesting to me.  But sometimes, I see a great blog post that gives me an idea about what to write about.  Often, it’s not exactly what the other person wrote about, but something in that blog post catches my eye.

Other times, I get my inspiration from the books I’m reading. I see some aspect of writing or fiction that gives me something to think about, and I want to write about it.  The books I read can also inspire my own writing.  I’m pretty sure most authors get a lot of ideas from other authors’ novels.  This doesn’t mean copying, but there are specific elements that may be seen in other books that could be used.

I also get my inspiration from the world around me.  Current events, things that I see on my way to work, and some things that happen to me.  Science, family life, studying, and language also inspire me.

My next blog post was inspired by a blog post I read a short while ago.  It’s about the real world, but mine is about fiction.  Look forward to it!

What inspires you?


7 thoughts on “Inspiration to Write”

  1. Everything! 🙂 To go one step further on being inspired by other blogs, I’m very often inspired by the discourse that goes on in the comments as well. Many of my ideas for posts have come from there.
    Since taking online writing courses, I have a very hard time not studying style and grammar when I read fiction now. It’s almost annoying. 😛
    Very interesting, and inspiring(!) post, Jay 😀

    1. I do, too. In fact, my next blog post was not only inspired by another blog post, but some of the comments. But my take on it will be totally different.

      I’m starting an online course on writing fiction at the end of this month. I’m sure it’ll inspire me, too.

      Thanks for the inspiring comment!

  2. I’m the same – everything inspires me. I can sometimes glean whole chunks of storylines or universes off a single word, or situation, or conversation, or anything. I actually have filed all the ideas I gather through the years in a document and slowly incorporate them into my stories as I go because I hate to lose a good idea. :]

    1. I need to do that. But my ideas always come to me while I’m in the shower or walking outside it seems. I’ve been putting my blog ideas into a memo on my phone, though. I have quite the list, so I don’t run out of any ideas very quickly. I just did 4 posts in 24 hours, and I still have a long list. But I should do that for books, too.

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