World-Building Wishlist

As you may know, I love world-building for both science fiction and fantasy. I’ve done it for Ariadne, and will do it for a fantasy project of mine.  But my focus is on Ariadne.

There are a few things I want to do with the planet Ariadne.  Although I have mapped out the world, at least on paper, I haven’t mapped it out on my computer.  I have started doing the basic template map, but the file is currently on my backup DVD from my old computer, and I still haven’t transferred it over to my new computer.  I’ll do that soon, though, as I need to get working on the writing again.  With this map, I will make several other maps:

  • Political map showing all of the countries and capitals.
  • Ecosystem map showing all of the different environments.
  • Physical map showing the tectonic plates, volcanoes, and mountain ranges.
  • Individual maps for each country.
  • Historic maps showing countries from the different times in the story’s history (this will come much later, once I’ve actually written books that take place in the far future).

Along with the maps, I need to write the history.  The history will unfold as I write the books, but I need to have the history mapped out for myself.  As I go along, I’ll update the Ariadne Encyclopedia.  For each country, I’ll even go as far as attempting to list all of the leaders and major events in their history.

Possibly a more difficult task is to develop the cultures of each country.  It’s difficult because cultures change over time.  But certain cultural changes can be kept track of, as well.

And then there’s the fact that the political map isn’t static.  Countries disappear, appear, merge, and split up.  War happens.  Natural disasters happen.  There’s a lot to think about.

And finally, I want to flesh out Ariadne’s star system.  I want to describe each of the planets in the system.  I have plans for Ariadne’s larger moon, as well.

This is a lot to do, don’t you think?  But it’s fun.