Some Great Book Review Blogs

I just updated my review blog links page today, and I thought I’d share a few of the blogs with you.  If you remember, I did a series of 13 blog posts before Christmas to showcase a few review blogs I like.  Well, here are some more!

101 Books

This is not strictly fantasy and science fiction reviews, but it is a challenge I’d like to try.  This blog reviews Time Magazine’s 100 greatest novels.  It’s up to 68 done at the moment.  Check it out!

Fantasy Review Barn

This is all fantasy.  And steampunk.  It also seems that there’s a thing for Terry Pratchett here.  Good taste!  I enjoy myself some Discworld, of course.  Check out this blog!

My Bookish Ways

This blog is all about science fiction, fantasy, and horror.  It has an impressively long list of reviews, too.  I need to spend some time going through it.  Definitely check out this blog.

nerds of a feather, flock together

This is a blog for nerds made by nerds.  It features science fiction, fantasy, crime, and horror novel reviews, as well as cult and sci-fi movie reviews.  Nerds are a good thing.  I am one.  Take a look at this blog.

And that’s it for now.  If you have any good recommendations for book review blogs, hopefully specialising in science fiction and fantasy, leave a comment below.  If you have a review blog, also leave a comment.  I’ll add them to my links page.  No pressure for you to link back, but it’s appreciated.

Redesign Opinion

I’m thinking about changing to a new theme that’s cleaner and more attractive than this.  But I have a question, and I’d like your opinion.

Many blogs display only a summary of blog posts, so you can skim through to find what you want to read quickly.  My current theme shows the full posts.  So, I was wondering, what would you prefer?  Summary view or full view (as it currently is)?

Please leave a comment, as well.  I’m curious about what you’d like to see in addition to the above poll.  I’m thinking about having feature posts at the top for recent reviews or other important posts.  Let me know what you think.