My Camp NaNo Disaster Cause

I’m not calling Camp NaNoWriMo a disaster yet, but it’s getting close.  I’m at 522 words, and there are only two weeks left.  But why am I having trouble getting the time to write?  Well, it’s not that I don’t have the time, I just don’t seem to be getting the silence I need.  This is the reason:


That little girl is the reason I’m having problems writing.  I can write a blog post with her around, but I can’t achieve the level of concentration I need for writing fiction with her playing around me and interrupting me.  Who is she?  That’s my daughter.

She’s going through the terrible twos right now, although it’s not so terrible.  She’s talking a lot, she’s pretending a lot, and she wants to spend a lot of her time sitting on my lap whenever I use the computer.  She wants me to play Angry Birds often.  She loves watching me play that game.  She points at the computer and says, “Bah.”  I know what she means.  Right now, she’s playing with Lego on the table right next to my computer.  She loves to be near me all the time.  She wants to show me her creations all the time.  She’s actually really good with her hands.  Although she’s only 2 years, 1 month, and 22 days old, she can hold a crayon like an adult.  She builds things with Lego that are symmetrical.  She loves putting things on top of my head.  She’ll see numbers and start counting to ten: “One, two, thee, foh, fie, dih, deben, eight, nine, ten.”  She’s memorised her puzzles and can put them together in a very short amount of time.  She gets excited about bananas.

But because of her, I’m not sure if I can finish Camp NaNoWriMo.

So, how many of you have kids?  I wonder how people with kids can spend a lot of time writing.  Any advice?

And now she’s crawled onto my lap.  She wants to sleep, I think.

What an Odd Year So Far

It’s halfway through April now, and I’ve found this year to be a bit odd.  At least the norm doesn’t seem to apply this year.  There are various things that have happened which makes it unusual.

The weather has been crazy.  We had two big snowstorms in February in an area that sees maybe three days of about 5 cm of wet snow.  We had 30 cm twice one week apart.

This blog has seen an increase in activity, and so an increase in visitors.  The number of followers has passed 300 in the past two days, and that’s up by 50 in about a month.  I guess I was used to the slower pace.  Not that I’m complaining! But when I look at the site stats, I find something odd.  I’ll continue with the same amount of posting each day, and I’ll have days that are far more than usual (I had a record high 103 visitors one day this month), then suddenly drop to fewer than 30 for four consecutive days despite my posting continuing as normal.

On the computer side of things, my old Windows 7 computer began to fail.  It still works, but I haven’t used it recently.  My new Windows 8 computer works fine, except for one really weird glitch that seems to be quite common.  I fixed it, though.  And I still don’t have a working mouse.  I need to get one if I’m going to do some map editing for Ariadne.

As far as reading books goes, I haven’t read a single five star book this year yet.  I”m quite surprised.  They’ve all been three or four star books.  It’ll come, though.

Maybe these don’t seem so odd, but it makes me feel like this is an odd year.