My Favourite Planet

The Solar System has eight planets, if you don’t include Pluto.  I’ve sometimes thought about what my favourite planet is.  Sometimes, I thought Jupiter, because of its moons.  Sometimes, I chose Saturn, because it’s the current giant planet being explored with its remarkable moon Titan.  Other times, I thought about Mars, as it’s the most explored planet in the Solar System other than the Earth, and is also our next manned destination.

Beautiful blue Neptune and its Great Dark Spot. Photo is courtesy of NASA.

But you know what?  I like Neptune.  It’s the most distant planet, and it’s an ice giant with a beautiful vibrant blue colour.  The winds are extremely fast, and as it is so far, it is probably the least understood planet.  Triton is fascinating, making me wonder if it’s anything like Pluto.  We’ll find out next year.

So, what’s your favourite planet?

17 thoughts on “My Favourite Planet”

        1. Whether it’s called a planet or a dwarf planet doesn’t really matter, it’s still the same size and as important as before. And it’ll be explored next year.

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