In Over My Head?

I think I may have given myself too much to do.  Last week, I was working on two online courses.  I’m now on three.  I’ll be finishing two, though.  Then I have two more starting on May 19th.  And one on May 26th.  And one on June 1st.  And one on June 2nd.  That’s right, six courses all at once!

So, the first one is Start Writing Fiction at FutureLearn.  It started two days ago.  I’m absolutely going to do this, and I can even work on Journey to Ariadne with this MOOC.  The ones that start on May 19th are Introduction to Ecosystems and Archaeology of Portus, both on FutureLearn.  The ecosystems course will be extremely useful for worldbuilding and developing Ariadne.  The Portus course is more of a personal interest course, though as it is about the major ancient Roman port, it could be useful.  The week after, I start The Diversity of Exoplanets on Coursera.  Some of this may be a rehash of courses I’ve already taken, but I’ll see.  However, it was one of the first courses I signed up for.  In June, I start Paradoxes of War at Coursera, which may be useful as a study of how and why wars happen.  This can be useful for my writing.  Finally, there’s a course on Organic Solar Cells at Coursera. This just seemed interesting to me.

If I drop any, it’ll likely be Organic Solar Cells.  When will I have the time for all of these?

Any of these courses interest you?

8 thoughts on “In Over My Head?”

  1. How are you doing so many courses at once? I love MOOCs and just finished two on Coursera… Irrational Behavior (my all time favorite) and New Models of Business in Society and now I have two weeks before the next one begins. I’m definitely checking out the Writing Fiction class now. Good luck on all of those!

    1. Thanks. I realised I was doing so many a while ago, but didn’t think much of it until I looked at the start dates and lengths. I can do three with no problem, though.

  2. I’m over committed with projects myself. Still doing the writing course. I need to find you on there and follow you.

  3. Wow that’s a lot of courses. I haven’t heard of this before so thanks for sharing. I just checked out the Fiction Writing one. Not sure yet what I’m supposed to do for the week as the course already started. I’ll have to read up on stuff.

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